Saturday, October 19, 2019
Deepika Padukone
Important for celebrities to speak up, bring change:
Nothing can stop release of 'Padmavati'
It's racist, ignorant: Deepika Padukone on being called Priyanka
Want my film characters to live for many, many years
People want to adopt me
If you give your 100 percent, results will follow
Success is relative
Ranbir has been very special for me
It's fun to play wicked
I know how to be competitive in healthy way
Glamorous roles too need acting talent
I don't identify with my 'Break Ke Baad' character
I am like 'Lafangey Parindey' heroine:
Dev Patel
Never took up projects for golden statue

A film is no more a family outing
I don't let age overpower me
Dia Mirza
Stardom brings pretense
It's quality over quantity for me now:
Dibakar Banerjee
Bollywood losing naturalistic style, getting louder
Dilip Kumar
I can look back at life with satisfaction, surprise
Dimple Kapadia
'Finding Fanny' has a brilliant script: Dimple Kapadia
Even today, reaping benefits of 'Bobby':
Nana gives me a complex, Rishi an atom bomb
Ekta Kapoor
India must stop having problems with sex
I was told I cannot do movies
Indian cinema never had supernatural thrillers
Thriller set in Goa will have universal appeal:
Emraan Hashmi
Reluctant to share my personal life with public
My wife never gets insecure
If kissing is a way to remember me, so be it:
I like playing grey characters
People have tried to pull me down

Farah Khan
Bollywood sans song and dance will become like Hollywood
I don't make tacky films: Farah Khan
Deepika Padukone now an all-rounder:
Easier to handle triplets than stars : Filmmaker Farah Khan
Taking part in a reality show takes guts
Farhan Akhtar
Zoya's film has nothing to do with our real life:
I'm not just the 'cool urban guy'
A movie needs time to grow
I'll be directing very soon: Farhan Akhtar
Farooque Sheikh
Old classics are national heritage, should be restored:
Freida Pinto
'Today, roles not restricted to ethnicity
I look for strong female characters in films
'Trishna' a very beautiful yet tragic tale
I'll say yes if I love an Indian film:
Geethu Mohandas
My short film helped me make 'Liar's Dice': Geethu Mohandas
Ghulam Ali
Intolerance in any form not good for India or Pakistan
Govind Nihalani
If you stay silent, you lose right to complain
Filmmakers cannot be made through 'shortcut' courses:
Gul Panag
I don't blindly follow a fitness routine
Sometimes I too face a writer's block:
Politicians trying to gain mileage from attacks: Gulzar
Gurinder Chadha
Why can't half the films be made by women?
'...Wonderful Afterlife' takes me back to my Punjabi roots: Gurinder Chadha
Technology-aided music sounds like gizmo singing
Harman Baweja
Priyanka and I are still friends: Harman Baweja
Hema Malini
I miss classical dance in today's films
I had a superb time directing Dharamji
My only close friend in the industry is Rekha
Himesh Reshammiya
I will prove myself as an actor now: Himesh Reshammiya
Hrithik Roshan
Adversity is important for victory at the end
Sussanne's opinion means the world to me
Seen great highs, lows and still soldiered on
Technology makes action safer, not easier
After 15 years, I binged on junk food for 'Guzaarish':
Playing a paraplegic has changed my life:
Filmmakers should come out of comfort zones:
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