Saturday, June 3, 2023
Pankaj Kapoor
Cinema more satisfying than TV
Being air force pilot was childhood fantasy
Pankaja Thakur
Good things don't come cheap... freedom of expression is one of those things:

Bollywood helps push independent projects forward
Pawan Gill
JO HUM CHAHEIN is my ode to Yash/ji/ & Adi's filmmaking style
Pooja Bhatt
More than censor board, film industry needs to grow up
Dad's films were more forward than Anurag Kashyap's
Prakash Jha
Entertainment doesn't only come from songs and dances:
'Aarkshan' tries to tell a therapeutic story
After Nitish declined, I needed a party: Prakash Jha
Prasoon Joshi
Not only lyrics, even the music is sometimes atrocious
India's young musicians ignoring traditional music
Preity Zinta
Some TV contestants were really cheeky:
No guy wants to go out with me any more
Shift to South Africa could make IPL bigger: Preity Zinta
Getting slapped was humiliating
Cinema is always telling lies
Cinema is always telling lies
After 86 films, who cares about critics: Priyadarshan
I'm training camera on social causes

Priyanka Chopra
I have a lot of dreams for India's girls
What worked for me in Bollywood works in Hollywood too
Everything I do is unique
Being self-made has toughened me
Controversies affect my family
Not every girl child is as lucky as me
Social networking gives me real feedback
Playing 40 was the toughest
I'll never discuss my personal life online:
It's always exciting to break rules
Priyanka Chopra Interview on “Pyaar Impossible”
Shah Rukh will always be my idol: Priyanka Chopra
I used to be a terrible actress: Priyanka Chopra
I've worked very hard on my body
I wear 137 costumes in 'Fashion'

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