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Nirdoshi is a Kannada - movie directed by Goverdhan. Starring Kulbhushan Kharbanda,Piyush,Kashish,Anjali,Arya.

Nirdoshi Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Goverdhan.

Nirdoshi Review

`Nirdoshi`, a very crude film (IANS Film Review)  

Rating: *

The posters of this new Kannada film "Nirdoshi" proudly proclaims that the film has been cleared by a tribunal and the censor board had not cleared the film. The film`s producer and director Goverdhan, who has also given the music, said that though the censor board wanted to delete many important sequences of the film, he was able to fight it out with the tribunal and won the case.

"Nirdoshi" is a crude film. Goverdhan has also indicated that the film will be dubbed in many other languages, including the three south Indian languages.

Films like "Nirdoshi" will certainly have a bad impact on the audience and can even encourage some youngsters to take to the path of crime and sex. Goverdhan has added a lot of titillating sequences in the movie with female artists indulging in skin show at the drop of a hat. The director`s intentions become clear when the five rapes in the film are shown in the most crude fashion and the victims do not show an iota of resistance after being subjected to such a heinous act. Certainly the film is worse than a soft porn film.

"Nirdoshi" revolves around the exploits of a serial rapist who is the product of a wrong experiment carried out by a scientist. The scientist develops a product to enhance the sexual desires of an individual. The medicine is to act like an overdose of Viagra. A youngster is prepared to be subjected to a test and after consuming the medicine he turns into a sex maniac with green eyes. In a quirky twist, the rapist also eats rasagullas (a sweet) before committing every rape. (The film`s title was Rasagulla which was later changed to Nirdoshi after the Tribunal advised the director).

None of the artists show any trace of talent in them. And the heroines excel in skin show.

"Nirdoshi" is an aberration in the film making process. Such films should not be encouraged. It is better for the family audience and film buffs to keep away from such films.

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