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Sugreeva is a Kannada - movie directed by multiple directors. Starring Shivaraj Kumar,Yagna Shetty,Neenasam Aswath,Achyutha,Harish Raj,Harshika Poonacha,Kote Prabhakar.

Sugreeva Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: multiple directors.

Shivaraj Kumar

Yagna Shetty

Neenasam Aswath


Harish Raj

Kote Prabhakar

Sugreeva Review

Shot in 18 hours, `Sugreeva` is a winner (IANS Film Review) 


Sugreeva was much hyped as it had been shot in just 18 hours by a team of over 600 skilled artists and technicians of the Kannada film industry. And the movie lives up to expectations.

The audience can connect with the film as the story relates to the problems faced by the lower middle class to get quality medical treatment.

Three cheers to producer Anaji Nagaraj, actor Shivaraj Kumar and the well-known technicians of the film industry who have worked for Sugreeva to create a record of sorts. The singular achievement of finishing the entire shooting of the film within 18 hours had increased the film`s curiosity quotient as well.

Creating a cinematic record is different, but everyone was keen to know if it would be liked by audiences.

Well, Sugreeva not only stands out technically but also has a tight script, which makes audiences sit on the edge of their seats in the second half.

The background score and editing work is sharp and precise. The screenplay is tight and focussed on the trauma faced by the hero`s family.

Overall, the movie is a product of a good team that has put in their heart and soul not only during the shooting, but also in the pre-production, planning and post-production work.

But Sugreeva has some negative elements also. The story isn`t fresh enough and is heavily inspired by Denzyl Washington`s film John Q. Though changes have been made to the English version to suit the tastes of the local audience, many sequences will remind you of John Q.

Another minus point is that the sequences in the beginning of the film are a bit slow and tend to drag. Even the dialogues lack the punch required for a thriller.

In the film, Sugreeva and his wife Pooja have an adorable son, who is a good dancer. Being a motor mechanic, Sugreeva`s only ambition is to see his son win a reality show competition. But tragedy strikes the happy family when his son falls during the dance competition and Sugreeva comes to know that the boy is suffering from a serious ailment.

Sugreeva has to arrange for Rs.30 lakh for a heart transplant or get his son discharged from hospital. Sugreeva exhausts all options to mobilise money and in a fit takes all the inmates of the hospital hostage. His condition is that his son be treated in the hospital. Watch the film to see how the drama unfolds.

A superb performance by Shivaraj Kumar is a major highlight of the film. Yagna Shetty, who has got a big break, has also done well. Achyutha, Neenasam Aswath, Harshitha Poonachcha and Kote Prabhakar shine in their respective roles.

Guru Kiran`s background score is another highlight and Pramod Chakravarthy`s taut screenplay ensures a brisk pace.

Watch Sugreeva for its thrilling and emotional moments.

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