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Mukhaputa is a Kannada - movie directed by Roopa Iyer. Starring Roopa Iyer,Baby Sania,Anand Theertha.

Mukhaputa Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Roopa Iyer.
PRODUCER:Narayana Hosamane.

Roopa Iyer

Baby Sania

Anand Theertha

Mukhaputa Review

`Mukhaputa` - thought-provoking movie by debutante director (IANS Movie Review)  

Rating: ***

"Mukhaputa" is Roopa Iyer`s directorial debut and she play an important role in this issue-based film. The movie tries to dispel many pre-conceived notions about young people afflicted by HIV Aids Patients.

The film has been screened at many international film festivals and won the best film trophy at the Ireland film festival. The main message of the film is that the HIV afflicted children are also entitled to a good life.

"Mukhaputa" is certainly made with honest intentions. Roopa had consulted medical experts while writing the script and interestingly some of them say that the film is educative.

The music and camera work complements the film well, but since it is made with a limited budget the narrative suffers from a lot of constraints.

But Roopa should have worked a little harder on the script as the film gets preachy at many places. It also has lengthy and often repetitive dialogues. It could have made a bigger impact if some visual strength had been added while detailing the prejudices about HIV patients.

Also, Roopa`s sympathy for HIV-affected children has not been translated properly on screen. This may really confuse and divert the attention of the audience from the main focus of the movie. However, the climax is really touching.

The film revolves around Gowri who adopts a baby girl, Bhavati. She loves Bhavati so much that even after learning that the child has been afflicted with HIV virus, she continues to care for her. However, Bhavati is treated badly in her school and is ostracised by Gowri`s relatives.

But Gowri doesn`t give up and continues to fight for Bhavati. She teaches her daughter to live with dignity and encourages her hidden talents.

Roopa as Gowri and Baby Sania as Bhavati have scored well with their realistic performances. Music director Hamsalekha adds strength to the movie through his lyrics and music. S. Ramachandra`s camera work is good.

Roopa needs to be congratulated for her bold presentation of the film. A must-see for those who want to see good issue-based films.

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