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Crazy Kutumba

Crazy Kutumba is a Kannada - movie directed by Rama Murthy. Starring Ramesh Arvind,Sanathini,Anant Nag,Natana Rajanikanth ,Chindodi Vijayakumar.

Crazy Kutumba Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Rama Murthy.

Ramesh Arvind


Anant Nag

Natana Rajanikanth

Chindodi Vijayakumar

Crazy Kutumba Review

`Crazy Kutumba` about feel-good family bonding (IANS Film Review)  


"Crazy Kutumba", which stars experienced actors like Anant Nag and Ramesh Arvind along with many new talents, is an enjoyable family entertainer. The feel-good film also highlights the advantages of family bonding.

The film has a lot of comedy that provides you with quite a few hearty laughs. It also focuses on the emotional drama within a family that is sure to touch the hearts of audiences.

"Crazy Kutumba" is the remake of Marathi hit "De Dhakka", which was an adaptation of Hollywood flick "Little Miss Sunshine". Director Rama Murthy has been able to bring in local flavour that is quite appealing.

The use of the north Karnataka accent in the film is perfect and the ambience is just right. The dialogues seem real and have a rural flavour. And all the characters in the film are natural and don`t go overboard with their comedy or emotions.

Another highlight of "Crazy Kutumba" is Ricky Kej`s music. Ricky has shown that he can compose good classical songs as well. Well-known poems written by famous Kannada literary personalities have been used in the film. The music blends very well with the narrative.

The film is about a dysfunctional family from a small village called Balekundri in Belgaum district who travel all the way to Bangalore to participate in a reality show. They are all set to prove that the little darling of their family can take on the city-bred well-trained dancers.

It is a story of the grit and determination shown by the family members who understand that being close to each other is always better than quarrelling.

Shankara Gowda Patil is a mechanic who wants to get some recognition for an innovation he has made. Similarly his younger brother wants to become a big wrestling star and Shankara`s young daughter wants to show her prowess in dancing.

But all these talents are unnoticed because they live in a place that is more than 500 km from the state capital. But they all want to prove their talents if given an opportunity.

So when the young daughter is selected for a reality show in the city, the entire family travels to Bangalore. During the long journey, the family members overcome many obstacles. The girl finally participates in the reality show and her efforts are appreciated by the chief guest, who presents her with a gold chain.

Even Shankara`s innovation gets adequate recognition as it had been patented by a well meaning friend.

Ramesh Arvind, who has portrayed characters typifying the upper middle class and the rich, has done a great job as a poor, struggling mechanic.

Veteran actor Anant Nag shines in the role of a drunkard father. Well-known comedians Umesh and Karibasavayya have played their parts with ease. The newcomers Sanathini, Natana Rajanikanth, who plays a kleptomaniac, Veera Shankar, Vijayakumar and child artist Dhanya really impress and surely can be groomed further for future roles.

"Crazy Kutumba" is a wholesome entertainer.

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