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Vellithirai is a Tamil - movie directed by Viji. Starring Prithviraj,Prakash Raj,Gopika,Raai Laxmi,Prathap Pothan,M. S. Bhaskar,Sarath Babu,Jayam Ravi,Trisha Krishnan,Kaadhal Sandhya,Jayaprakash.

Vellithirai Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Prakash Raj.
STORY WRITER:Srinivasan, Rosshan Andrrews.

Vellithirai Synopsis

The story is inspired by the original Udhayananu Thaaram (Rising of a Star) starring Mohanlal, Srinivas and Meena, depicting the lives of different people immersed in the murky glamour of the movie industry. The agony and ecstasy of a filmmaker to put his story on the silver screen and make his success. Smartly wrapped in the form of a story about people working in the industry itself, it shows different boundaries of ethics and ideologies and the kind of people who stay true to these boundaries and those who toe this line.

One protagonist is an honest, candid, hardworking and ambitious man, having struggled hard and still struggling, undeterred, to make his mark. The other is also an ambitious, hardworking and determined man, but his scruples are minimal and his ambition greater than his ethics. What happens when they are pitted against each other against the common background of a movie and the movie industry? What happens when a woman, liked by each of these men for various reasons, is torn between work, love and pressure? Amongst all this, throw in the vortex of a storm – a story and opportunity that could make both the men and the woman’s future hell or heaven. How does Good win over Evil (or does it at all?)? How do deceit and betrayal lose to honest determination and basic goodness? Who decides what’s good and bad in this business? Who decides what is success and what is failure? Box-office? The director? A big star? A glamorous actress? Vellitherai brings a myriad perspectives on the big screen, for you to see its various shades.

Vellitherai is simply, the lives and times of people on and behind the silver screen.

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