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Samagama is a Kannada - movie directed by Kasthuri Jagannath. Starring Vishranth,Vidya,Susheel,Ramakrishna,Manjunath Hegde,Aruna Balaraj,Vijayalakshmi,Shivaji Rao Jadhav,Prathap,Sunil,Shylaja.

Samagama Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Kasthuri Jagannath.
BANNER: Sri Sai Innovators





Manjunath Hegde

Aruna Balaraj

Shivaji Rao Jadhav



Samagama Review

Cluttered script spoils box office prospect of `Samagama` (IANS Movie Review)  

Rating: **

"Samagama" is a film that is made with honest intentions. The film does not have any double meaning dialogues, violence or sex scenes which have become part of many youth-oriented love stories. It is a clean film that focuses on three youngsters who are in love with each other.

But the problem with the film is that writer Andani Gowda has inserted too many things in the script which director Kasthuri Jagannath has not been able to translate on the screen.

Jagannath has followed a regular pattern in narrating the love story. He has some stereotyped comedy sequences which fail to evoke laughter. Likewise, romance and fight scenes too fail to make any impact.

In short, the film`s script is old-fashioned and narration is formulaic.

Gowda, also the producer of the movie, has tried to convey too many things with the film. Being new to the film industry, he has tried to include too many things in his screenplay as a result it ends up as a preachy exercise.

The best example is the scene where the heroine`s friend explains to her the meaning of love and romance. The whole sequence is preachy and boring. Added to that Gowda has used bookish language.

Coming to the positive elements of the film, two songs are well placed and well choreographed.

Debutante actress Vidya shows some promise. She has done her best with her expressive eyes. She appears confident throughout the film.

Vishranth has tried hard to act, but doesn`t impress. Veterans Ramakrishna, Jadhav and Manjunatha Hegde carry off their roles with much ease.

"Samagama" could have been a good attempt. But it has too many loop holes to sustain the interest of the audience.

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