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Minugu is a Kannada - movie directed by Jaywanth Anthony. Starring Pooja Gandhi,Sunil Rao,Ajith Hande,M.S. Umesh.

Minugu Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Jaywanth Anthony.

Pooja Gandhi

Sunil Rao

Ajith Hande

M.S. Umesh

Minugu Review

Good screenplay and better performances could have saved `Minugu` (IANS Film Review)  

Rating: * 1/2

"Minugu" is out and out Pooja Gandhi`s film. The story revolves around her quest for love. And she has been shown very beautifully on screen by the film`s debutant director Jaywanth Anthony. But the film does not have any credible story to back up and falls flat.

"Minugu" is better than Pooja Gandhi`s previous films "Huchchi" and "Ninagaagi Kaadiruve". "Minugu" is slightly better in its production values and visuals and few sequences of the film bear the stamp of aesthetic handling. However, the main drawback is bad screenplay and very ordinary performances by the artistes.

"Minugu" has very little to cheer about in terms of the story which looks like a hotchpotch of sequences. It seems to meander in the second half where the director fails to handle the emotional trauma between the two lovers.

The director`s shortcomings are evident in the way he handles the narrative. Even the cross country bicycle race seems to be a rip off from Hindi film "Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar".

Comedy scenes are amateurish. But Anthony has been able to extract some good work from his cameraman and the music director.

The film`s story goes like this:

Sanchitha, a top actress, meets her college friend Aadhi during one of her shooting schedules. Aadhi has now become a big fan of Sanchitha who wants to continue her relationship with Aadhi.

Aadhi gets the shock of his life when he learns that Sacnhita has been kidnapped by her co-star. Aadhi takes police`s help to trace her. But the kidnap drama turns out to be fake and an embarrassed Sanchitha distances herself from Aadhi.

She later realises that Aadhi is innocent and goes in search of her friend who has lost mental balance.

Pooja Gandhi looks good in her designer costumes, but her characterization is weak and she looks artificial in most of the dramatic sequences of the film.

Sunil Rao has tried to act a little better, but what can he do if the script is bad.

Less said about the other artists is better.

Pooja Gandhi fans may like watching the film.

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