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Vaayuputhra is a Kannada - movie directed by Kishore Sarja. Starring Ambareesh,Chiranjeevi Sarja,Aindrita Ray,Ajay,Ramesh Bhat,Mukyamanthri Chandru,Padmaja Rao.

Vaayuputhra Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Kishore Sarja.
PRODUCER:Arjun Sarja.
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Sundaranatha Suvarna.
STORY WRITER:Linguswamy.


Chiranjeevi Sarja

Ramesh Bhat

Mukyamanthri Chandru

Padmaja Rao

Vaayuputhra Review

Kishore Sarja could have made a better `Vaayuputhra` (IANS Film Review)  

Ratings: ** 1/2

"Vaayuputhra" aptly fits in to the real meaning of a remake film. Late Kishore Sarja, who has directed this film, seems to be so much impressed by its original "Sandai Kozhi" and its director Linguswamy, that he has not dared to make any changes other than the music for the songs. You can see striking similarities in the way shots are taken and you get to feel that you are seeing the same original film with different set of actors in different locations.

Unfortunately director Kishore Sarja and actor-producer like Arjun Sarja should have borne in mind that "Sandai Kozhi" was essentially a nativity film that perfectly fitted in the Madurai-Theni belt of Tamil Nadu. The characters in "Sandai Kozhi" looked natural. More than anything else Linguswamy proved that he can make a good action film in the backdrop of paddy fields and rustic surroundings where the bravery and fighting skills are part of the family tradition.

But Kishore Sarja has set his story in a wrong location as Karnataka doesn`t have a culture of Katta Panchayats. A big city like Mangalore cannot be compared with Tamil Nadu`s temple town Chidambaram where swords and sickles are still used for fights. Therefore, the story in "Vaayuputhra" looks out of place.

Secondly the narrative is slow in "Vaayuputhra" and fails to create any interest in the proceedings.

Songs of the film are shot with a lot of style. However, the dialogues needed a little more punch. The first bus stand fight is well picturised, but you feel the action sequences in climax needed little more thrills.

The story revolves around medical student Balu who goes to Mangalore for a vacation. He meets Divya, sister of his friend who is naughty and hilarious, and starts liking her instantaneously.

Balu finds that people in his friends` house and neighbourhood are extremely frightened lot as they are being threatened by a notorious don Poonja.

While going back to his native place, Balu accidentally comes across Poonja at the bus stand and beats him up in front of everyone. A humiliated Poonja wants to settle scores and starts looking for Balu. He tries to kill Balu, who escapes unhurt.

Enraged Poonja attacks Balu`s father who is a hugely respected person. Angry Balu takes on a one to one fight with Poonja.

Chiranjeevi makes a grand debut and shows his talent in song and fight scenes. Rebel star Ambareesh`s dialogue delivery is good. Aindrita is impressive.

Hari Krishna`s music is ordinary. Sundaranath Suvarna`s camera work is above average.

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