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House Full

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`House Full` a funny comedy of errors (Kannada Film Review, Rating: ***)

Hemanth Hegde`s House Full is a complete comical entertainer. The second half is well narrated, while the first part has some dull moments. But on the whole, the film is a lively package.

House Full starts as a comedy of errors and goes on till the confusions are sorted out. But there seems to be a sense of urgency seen in the climax as the end is quite abrupt. But House Full has lot of comical turns that provide a hearty laugh.

Hegde proves to be a major highlight in the film as an actor too. He has written the story and dialogues apart from being the director.

House Full is definitely his best best work compared to his previous films that lacked substance. Perhaps his stint in Bollywood where he directed Khanna and Mrs. Iyer for Mukta Arts might have helped him add some style and glitz.

But House Full has flaws in the first half. Hegde includes some unnecessary situations that are neither comical or logical. They look like they have been added just to enhance the film`s length. But for these loosely knit situations, the film could have been better.

Another minus factor of the film is the music, which is just average.

House Full centres around two irresponsible friends Diganth and Parameshi who dream of a big debut in the film industry. Parameshi is a parasite who lives off Diganth`s riches. He is married to Neetu, an aspiring star in the making, and Diganth is in love with a girl named Aishu.

Diganth`s grandfather is in South Africa and wants his grandson reformed. Diganth lies to his grandfather that he is married to Aishu. A confusion is created by Diganth`s deputy Pani Puri, who mails Neetu`s photo to the grandfather instead of Aishu`s photo.

And then the whole confusion starts with each of the four characters placed in many strange situations.

Hegde shows off his acting talents and Diganth too has done well in his role. He seems to have got a flair for doing comedy-oriented films. The heroines Vishaka Singh and Gowri Oak have also done a pretty good job and add some glamour to the film.

Veteran actor Lokanath steals the show in the role of Balavanta Rao. The other senior character actors don`t disappoint either.

The film is made with a limited budget, but has turned out to be an enjoyable entertainer.

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