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Ritu is a Malayalam - movie directed by Shyamaprasad. Starring Asif Ali,Rima Kallingal,Nishan,Vinay Forrt.

Ritu Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:Vachen Shetty.
LYRICIST:Rafeeq Ahmed.

Ritu Synopsis

Ritu tells the tale of three young friends who move through a fascinating season in their lives, different from the earlier one they really cherished. Seasons of life change. Friends change. You change.

So did Sarat Varma, Varsha John, and Sunny Immatty, while growing up together in love and their beautiful innocence. They were almost inseparable. Their love for each other was indivisible. Yet, a time came when the three of them stumble upon the truths about themselves. Suddenly, they can see themselves in a new light. In fright and pain, they ask themselves: are we really what we think we are?

On one level, it could be said that Ritu weaves in subtly the undertone of this misunderstanding, realisation. On another and a more visible level, it is about one big web of wishes, dreams, and desires the three young friends weave around themselves.

Ritu is a graceful and breezy story of the journey of the three young people into the wonders of life. Perhaps, you will someday, reflect upon yourself to check and see which one of them is you.

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Ritu trailer

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