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Veeram (Malayalam)

Veeram (Malayalam) is a Malayalam History, Drama movie directed by Jayaraj. Starring Kunal Kapoor,Divina Thakur,Shivajith Nambiar,Aaran,Himarsha Venkatsami,Satheesh Menon.

Veeram (Malayalam) Cast / Crew
BANNER: Chandrakala Arts
GENRE:History, Drama
PRODUCER:Chandramohan D. Pillai,Pradeep Rajan.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Jeff Rona,M K arjunan.
SINGERS:Vaikom Vijayalakshmi,Vidyadaran master.
LYRICIST:Kaavalam narayanappanikkar.
EDITOR:Appu N. Bhattathiri.

Divina Thakur

Shivajith Nambiar


Himarsha Venkatsami

Satheesh Menon

Veeram (Malayalam) Synopsis

The visual adaptation of William Shakespeare’s dark tragedy Macbeth, Veeram is envisaged in the backdrop of the ancient martial culture of Kerala. Directed by national award winning director Jayaraj, Veeram captures the universal truth about human greed, lust, cruelty, and betrayal through the heart wrenching and eternal story line essayed by world’s most celebrated playwright. Dubbed as the magnum opus of Jayaraj, Veeram rises next in line of his Navarasa series and bristles with the promise of a cinematic experience of epic proportions. Featuring artists and technicians from national and international film firmaments, Veeram will be made in three languages -English, Hindi and Malayalam. A culmination of creative grandeur and technological prowess, the film will combine the enigma of Kerala martial culture with the immortality of Shakespearian tragedy to lift the art of filmmaking to a whole new dimension.

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Veeram (Malayalam) First Look

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Veeram (Malayalam) trailer

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Veeram (Malayalam) Songs

Singers : Vidyadaran master,Vaikom Vijayalakshmi,.
Mele Manikya
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