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Preethse Preethse

Preethse Preethse is a Kannada - movie directed by K. Maadesh. Starring Yogesh,Udaya Tara,Pragna,Rangayana Raghu,Jai Jagadish,Ramesh Bhat,Sangeetha,P.N. Sathya.

Preethse Preethse Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: K. Maadesh.
PRODUCER:Krishnaiah, Mohan.
LYRICIST:V. Nagendra Prasad, Arasu.

Udaya Tara


Rangayana Raghu

Jai Jagadish

Ramesh Bhat


P.N. Sathya

Preethse Preethse Review

`Preethse Preethse`: just ordinary fare (IANS Review) Rating: *1/2

Preethse Preethse was a hugely expected film because of its hero Yogish who had acted in three super hit films earlier. But in his fourth film, Yogish is handicapped by a run of the mill story which has a tedious narration.

Despite some good song presentations, Preethse Preethse fails to enthuse the audience because of an illogical screenplay.

Though it is a story revolving around a dejected lover, director Maadesh has failed to bring in any emotional intensity in the narration.

Preethse Preethse presents its hero Yogish as a young man from a rich family, quite in contrast to his three earlier roles.

Maadesh who has written the story and screenplay of the film has failed to present Yogish realistically in the film.

The film suffers mainly on account of a below average script.

Maadesh has made a mess of the narration and has not cared to focus on the emotional complications of a misunderstood lover.

He has tried to boost the image of the hero by including a ridiculous song. Everything in the story becomes predictable after some time.

Akash (Yogish) is liked by his rich parents who are prepared to do anything for him. He leads a happy-go-lucky life in college until he meets Aishwarya. Bipasha, a family friend of Akash in-turn is in love with him.

Akash is unable to express his feelings to Aishwarya. He begins to live in an illusionary world. Many people in college believe that both of them are in love.

Aishwarya, meanwhile gets engaged, and Akash turns into a mental wreck. He finally recovers and returns to college a changed man, and now it is Aishwarya who woos him.

Yogish is too young to deliver results in such a strong role of huge emotional overtones.

Malayalam actress Udaya Tara has not been used properly. Rangayana Raghu has two roles in the film and overacts in both of them. Veterans Jai Jagadish, Ramesh Bhat, Sangeetha and P.N.Sathya fit the bill.

Music director Anoop Sileen has come out with some good tunes. Songs like Preethse Preethse, Loose Maada, Urige Baare are well picturised.

Overall, Preethse Preethse is just ordinary fare.

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