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Karanji is a Kannada - movie directed by Sreedhar. Starring Chandan,Chetan,Gowri Karnik,Nanjunda,Raj,Vijay Ragavendra.

Karanji Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Sreedhar.



Gowri Karnik



Vijay Ragavendra

Karanji Review

`Karanjji`: recommended for the musically inclined (IANS Film Review)

Ratings: **

Top of the line performance by Vijaya Raghavendra, extraordinary musical content provided by Veera Samarth and competent visual support by Guruprashanth Rai are the major highlights of "Karanjji" which traces the journey of a Kannada music band.

"Karanjji" comes alive in the song sequences, but it does have many failings. Its slow pace and weak characterisations are the biggest drawbacks of the film.

Director Sreedhar has scripted the film on a thin story line. There are too many sequences which relate to the problems between the band members which look repetitive and ineffective.

And some sequences do not convey anything and do not take the story forward. If such inadequacies had been avoided, "Karanjji" would have been a better film.

The highlight of the film is certainly Veera Samarth`s sensational music. The tunes of "Ee Dina Hosadaagide", "Kumbarakki", "Yaaroo Haadadha" and the climax song are fresh and melodious.

The story: Viji and his group of friends form a band. Faced with failure in a competition, the friends move out to Viji`s village where they meet a music teacher, who advises them to be passionate about music and tells them that good music only comes from the heart.

Viji and his friends then reinvent their group`s music to include Kannada folk music. After several obstacles, the band wins the competition.

Vijaya Raghavendra comes out with a neat performance. However "Sur" fame Gauri Karnik is a let down. The director could have chosen a Kannada girl instead for this role in a film that is strong on Kannada roots.

Veteran artists like Sudha Belawadi, Sridhar and Chandrashekhar are bogged down by ineffective characterisation.

Guruprashanth Rai`s camera work is another highlight. The art director has done a very decent job in the film.

"Karanjji" is a film recommended for the musically inclined younger minds.


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