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Maanasaandarapetta Yezdi

Maanasaandarapetta Yezdi is a Malayalam - movie directed by Arun Omana Sadanandan. Starring P. Balachandran,Indrans,Jayan Cherthala.

Maanasaandarapetta Yezdi Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Arun Omana Sadanandan.
PRODUCER:Arun Omana Sadanandan, C.K. Sadanandan.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Baiju Dharmajan.
STORY WRITER:Arun Omana Sadanandan.
EDITOR:Akhil Sasidharan.

Jayan Cherthala

Maanasaandarapetta Yezdi Synopsis

Pappi (Jayan Cherthala) is a well known mechanic. Pappi's elder brother Chethanappi (P. Balachandran) runs another workshop. Brothers always quarrel with each other. Fed up with their fights, villagers decided that they settle their quarrels with bike race. Their favorite Yezdi bike which was used for the races come to the possession of Philipose (Indrans). The comic turn of events that take place after this is the theme of the movie.

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Samyuktha Menon,Kannan Nayar,Dhanesh Anand.
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