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Auto is a Kannada - movie directed by Mallikarjuna Mutthalageri. Starring Sathya,Shravani,Roshani,Kruththika,Srinivasa Prabhu,Padma Vasanthi,Sundar Raj.

Auto Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Mallikarjuna Mutthalageri.
PRODUCER:Mahendar Manoth.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Vijayakrishna.
STORY WRITER:Mallikarjuna Mutthalageri.





Srinivasa Prabhu

Padma Vasanthi

Sundar Raj

Auto Review

`Auto`: viewers are advised to drive away (IANS Film Review)  

Rating: *

What happens to a film which has a good concept and a decent story line, but is badly handled by an incompetent team of technicians and artistes? Well, you will get the answer if you see the Kannada film "Auto" directed by debutant Mallikarjuna.

The story of "Auto" revolves around the journey of Sathya who faces a wide range of experiences in his quest of love and a decent life.

The story throws up many opportunities for the director to get the best out of his team. But Mallikarjun has taken his responsibility too lightly.

The film is a tell-tale reflection of the inexperience of the whole unit.

The dialogues of the film are too preachy and unnatural. Every now and then you see the characters giving lengthy speeches which are unrelated to the story or its development.

The first half of the film drags and tests the patience of the audience. The second half gathers a little pace, but the director does not have any vision to focus on the strengths of the story.

In a way, "Auto" looks like a garbled version of Sudeep-directed "My Autograph" which sensitively portrayed the journey of a young man from his school days to the date of his marriage. The film will also reminds you of Soori-directed "Inthi Ninna Preethiya" which documented the fall of an alcoholic.

During his college days, Sathya loves Swarna, but his love is not reciprocated. Meanwhile Sathya is loved by another girl Sandhya for whom he does not care.

After his student days, Sathya becomes a financier and later deals with real estate and faces dismal failure. His married life goes for a toss as his wife walks out. He loses his parents in the meantime and becomes an auto driver. Swarna will return to his life later after Sathya is being wooed by another girl Kruthika. What happens later is answered in the climax sequence.

Sathya fails to make an impression in his debut film. We are told that Shravani, Roshini and Kruthika are the heroines of the film but they have not done anything much in the film. Veterans like Sreenivasa Prabhu and Padma Vasanthi do not have sufficient opportunities to contribute.

The camera work is pathetic, but music by Vijaya Krishna is tolerable.

"Auto" could have been a better film if it had an imaginative and experienced director.

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