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Namaste Bali

Namaste Bali is a Malayalam Comedy Thriller movie directed by K.V.Bejoy. Starring Manoj K. Jayan,Aju Varghese,Roma Asrani,Neena Kurup,Noby,Pradeep Kottayam,Mini Arun,Balu Varghese,Sunil Sukhada.

Namaste Bali Cast / Crew
GENRE:Comedy Thriller
LYRICIST:BK Harinarayanan,-.

Namaste Bali Synopsis

Namesthe Bali' is the story of a girl who courageously tries to get through a tragedy that happens in her life quite unexpectedly and how it leads to certain revelations in her life.

Annamma (Roma), daughter of business tycoon Anto and Marykkutty, is a very bold girl. She gets four friends from Bali Island. Her life is influenced with their presence and vice versa. This unravels many truths before them. The resulting events are plotted in 'Namesthe Bali'.

'Namesthe Bali' is the debut directorial venture of K V Bejoy. Bali Island in Indonesia is the main location and the rest is shot in Kochi.

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