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One Day Jokes

One Day Jokes is a Malayalam - movie directed by Santhosh. G. Starring Rachana Narayanankutty,Sreejith Vijay,Jagadish,Anoop Chandran,Rupasri .

One Day Jokes Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Santhosh. G.
PRODUCER:Mullasseril G & S Production.

One Day Jokes Synopsis

One day Joke a movie with no dialogue..

According to the director, Santhosh.G, the movie One Day Joke movie has no dialogues and it has to convey through visuals. Sreejith Vijay along with Rachana Narayanankutti and Roopasree will handle the lead role in this movie.

This movie tells us the story about a retired colonel KK Nair and his family. His wife is a spend thrift and his daughter leads a careless life. The story gets more interesting when the daughter invites her boyfriend to her house in night and at the same time a burglar and some terrorist who wants to kill the colonel will also be present.

The movie is produced in the banner of Mullasseril G&S production. Cinematography of this movie will be handles by Vinod Madhu.


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