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Oraalppokkam is a Malayalam - movie directed by Sanalkumar Sasidharan . Starring Prakash Bare,Meena Kandasamy,Bikramjit Gupta,Krishnan Balakrishnan.

Oraalppokkam Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Sanalkumar Sasidharan.

Meena Kandasamy

Bikramjit Gupta

Krishnan Balakrishnan

Oraalppokkam Synopsis

Mahendran's life is like that of a free bird just like Maya's...She too is a free spirit unencumbered by any sort of bondage. When these two kindred spirits decide to come together in a live-in relationship, there are only two conditions attached: No restrictions of any kind and No off-springs. They shared a space, wherein Mahendran could still nest his individual aspirations.

Even here, his patience runs down, when the woman in her sometimes envelope him with that innate feminine concern... He finds that stifling - as if towards a faint threat to his guarded freedom.... He contrives extraneous relationships in a deliberate bid to assert his masculine independence on her, only to be stunned when Maya walks out on him on the fifth anniversary of their togetherness...

Mahendran refuses to acknowledge the gaping hole left in his psyche by Maya's departure... The descending gloom after Maya’s exit makes his life flow unfettered like a swollen river in the rains. He cascades through the various women that come his way and passionately immerses himself in intoxication.

After the breakup Maya totally disappears from Mahi’s life and she not even calls him at least once. Slowly a curiosity starts mounting in Mahendran about Maya’s total disappearance. Days passed and much to the surprise of Mahendran, he gets a call from Maya just the other moment he deleted her number to restrain his powerful urge to call her...She says that she is in a Himalayan valley, Kedar Nath... They talk to one another animatedly; as before...he speaks to her the whole night; till the battery drains off from his cell...He falls asleep, as if in a drunken stupor...

In the next morning he wakes up to the shrill voice of a news-anchor on TV and saw the flickering images of landslides and destruction. A raging Mandakini river was swallowing Kedarnath, wreaking havoc on puny men, tossing them up from their habitat and strewing corpses all around. It was Nature’s dance of death, with lofty structures crumbling down like the broken ego of man...Mahendran redials the number of the last call, only to hear a recorded message that the number cannot be reached...

Mahendran tries to behave normal and act that nothing has happened to him.. But his anxiety grows day by day and he becomes restless... He finally decides to go on a journey to escape from it all...however; someone within him seemed to guide him on, as if on a search. His journey finally takes him to Kedarnath and it eventually turning out to be a journey in search of something he doesn’t know...

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Samyuktha Menon,Kannan Nayar,Dhanesh Anand.
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