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Nam Yejamaanaru

Nam Yejamaanaru is a Kannada - movie Starring Vishnu Vardhan,Navya Nair,Vijaya Raghavendra,Lakshmi Gopalaswamy,Anant Nag,Sharath Babu ,Sona,and Ramesh Bhat.

Nam Yejamaanaru Cast / Crew

Vishnu Vardhan

Vijaya Raghavendra

Anant Nag

Sharath Babu

and Ramesh Bhat

Nam Yejamaanaru Review

`Nam Yejamaanaru` - gripping film on multiple personality disorder (IANS Film Review)  

Rating: ***

Kannada filmmakers haven`t really touched the topic of people suffering from multiple personality disorders in their movies. "Nam Yejamanaru", which stars Vishnuvardhan and Navya Nair in the lead roles, focuses primarily on the emotional repercussions of such ailments.

The highlight of the film by director Nagabharana is not only the classic narration but also some exceptionally brilliant performances from the actors.

"Nam Yejamaanaru", despite being a different film in its essence and handling, is sure to be lapped up by family audiences. Though the focus is on the scientific and psychological aspects of the disorder, Nagabharana has been able to weave together a neat film that does not drag. The film is fully engaging thanks to a tight script and some good song picturisations.

"Nam Yejamaanru" has a perfect star cast and scores high on the technical side too. Ramesh Babu`s camera work and Hamsalekha`s fantastic background music are just right for the story.

Nagabharana has been able to blend refined commercial elements with his stylized artistic narration. And the gripping narration in the last 25 minutes makes it a sure winner.

The story revolves around Shashank, a marriage counsellor who is the guardian of a young woman Charu, suffering from multiple personality disorder after a tragedy. Charu has forgotten her past but believes she is Shashank`s wife.

But Charu`s boyfriend Alok appears on the scene and wants her back. He is angry with Shashank for snatching Charu from him and brainwashing her.

Shashank, meanwhile, is being probed by insurance investigators for wrongly claiming that his wife had died. Shashank then reveals that his wife had died in an accident along with Charu`s parents some years ago.

The rest of the story deals with how Charu is cured of her disease and how she unites with her lover.

Vishnuvardhan gives a commendable performance in the role of Shashank. The actor once again proves his versatility in roles that offers his space to show different emotions. Navya Nair is brilliant as an unpredictable but lovable girl who is struck with a personality disorder. Anant Nag shows his class in the role of an investigator.

Vijaya Raghavendra plays the passionate lover really weel. He has also sung a hummable number in the film.

"Nam Yejamaanaru" is a family-oriented film with a difference. Its strong emotional content and the fresh narration are a welcome departure from the series of escapist stereotyped films that are being made these days.

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