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Oru Korean Padam

Oru Korean Padam is a Malayalam - movie directed by Sujith Nair. Starring Maqbool Salman,Suraj Venjaramoodu,Tini Tom,Mamukkoya,Chembil Ashokan,Sunil Sukhada,Sona Nair,Kavya Jose,Joy Mathew,Chembil Asokan,Molly Kannamaly.

Oru Korean Padam Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Sujith Nair.
PRODUCER:S Muraleedharan, Selvan Tamalam.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Vaasudev Shanmugharaj.
SINGERS:K. J. Yesudas.
LYRICIST:Kaithapram Damodaran Nampoothiri, Anil Panachooran.
STORY WRITER:Sujith Nair, P N Ajayakumar.

Oru Korean Padam Synopsis

It is Kishore's ambition to make a film, for which he approaches many producers with his script. But they reject his script, citing that money will be invested only in "New Generation Type" film. Though disappointed, Kishore manages to get a script, that turns out to be an exact copy of a Korean Film. The producers approve the new script and this film turns out to be a super hit in Kerala. At this time, the director of the original Korean Movie comes to know about this and he comes to Kerala to file a case against Kishore demanding a hefty sum as compensation. Will Kishore's plan to diffuse the situation succeed? Watch what happens...

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