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Ambari is a Kannada - movie directed by Arjun. Starring Yogeesh,Sampreetha,Rangayana Raghu,Dinesh Mangalore,Aruna Balaraj.

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Rangayana Raghu

Dinesh Mangalore

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Ambari Review

`Ambari`an improbable journey (IANS Film Review)

 Rating: **

"Ambari" can be called a `road film` as most of the sequences are shot on the road during a long journey undertaken by the movie`s protagonists.

But "Ambari" doesn`t have an entertaining narrative like Aamir Khan`s 1991 hit of the same genre, "Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin". Neither does it make you think and ponder like Kamal Hassan`s "Anbe Sivam" or "Mr and Mrs Iyer" that featured Rahul Bose and Konkana Sen Sharma.

Arjun has written an illogical script for the film that has unbelievable sequences like the lovers travelling to the Taj Mahal in Agra all the way from Bangalore on a bicycle! And even after making this tedious trip, the young hero does not show any sign of fatigue and is prepared to bash up a bunch of villains.

The lack of freshness in the script takes the film to lower depths in the second half. Though the first half is engaging in parts, the second half is highly predictable and lacks comic elements. This is the main reason why "Ambari" ends up as ordinary fare.

The revenge element is a take-off from Tamil films like "Sandai Kozhi".

Coming to the positive side, the highlights of "Ambari" are the songs composed by Hari Krishna and the camera work by Sathya Hegde. "Baare Baare, Taare Taare" and the title song are well composed and choreographed. Yogeesh`s dialogue delivery and fight sequences may appeal to his fans and newcomer Sampreetha impresses.

The protagonist of the film is Dhanush, who leads a simple life working as a cobbler. His father is an irresponsible drunkard. Saro, a college girl, falls in love with the good-hearted Dhanush within a few meetings. Dhanush rejects Saro`s overtures and her parents too are upset.

Saro finally convinces Dhanush about the sincerity of her love and he then decides to elope with her on a cycle. Saro`s father, meanwhile, asks a don to find his daughter and kill Dhanush. The lovers overcome all obstacles and complete their journey of love to the Taj Mahal.

The narrative of this long journey is tedious and many of the incidents that occur during their travels fail to entertain.

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