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Jolly Days

Jolly Days is a Kannada - movie directed by MD Sridhar. Starring Vishwas,Deepu,Pravin,Niranjan,Aishwarya Nag,Ruthwa,Spoorthi,Keerthi,Ruthika,Suchindra Prasad,Kishori Ballal,Sriraghav.

Jolly Days Cast / Crew
BANNER: Young Dreams Production
PRODUCER:Madi Reddy Param.





Aishwarya Nag




Suchindra Prasad

Kishori Ballal


Jolly Days Review

`Jolly Days` - a faithful remake of a Telugu hit (IANS Film Review)


Director M.D. Sreedhar has a good track record of directing remakes and Jolly Days provides him another platform to prove that he remains faithful to the original script.

A remake of Telugu hit Happy Days, the Kannada version stars a number of fresh faces. The original by director Shekhar Kammula, who also introduced new actors, became a sensational hit because of the novelty in presentation and the enjoyable doses of humour in the narration.

Sreedhar hasn`t made any alterations to the script and has just followed the one laid down by Kammula. Even the dialogues written by B.A. Madhu seem like the direct translation from the dialogues of the Telugu original.

Sreedhar, who has directed successful remakes like Friends, Krishna and Chellaata earlier, has proved again that he has perfected the art of making remakes. He has carefully chosen the actors to suit the physique and appearance of the artists of Happy Days. Even the body language remains the same for all the characters. Except for the change of locations, it looks very much like the Telugu Happy Days.

Jolly Days is an engaging film without a dull moment. It recreates the happy memories of one`s college days. The sequences are written in such a way that you take a trip down memory lane. Music compositions are soothing and suit the narrative.

The film revolves around eight youngsters, who spend four years together in an engineering college. At times, the narration reminds one of Kannada film Moggina Manasu, which had dealt with the problems of four young girls. But the high point of this film is that every sequence looks natural.

The newcomers have done well and have all chances of establishing themselves as good actors in future. Aishwarya Nag has done a better job here than in her previous film Neene Neene.

Cameraman Krishna Kumar`s work deserves praise and Micky J. Meyer`s compositions are similar to the ones in the original.

Jolly Days is a jolly good film. Watch it and revive your memories of college days.

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