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D Company

D Company is a Malayalam Action Thriller movie directed by M. Padmakumar Diphan , Vinod Vijayan. Starring Fahadh Faasil,Jayasurya,Asif Ali,Anoop Menon,Unni,Abu Salim ,Mukundan,Samuthirakani,Ananya,Bhama,Tanushree Ghosh,Parvathy Nair,Pooja,Tanu Roy,Aadukalam Naren,Irshad,Jins Baskar.

D Company Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: M. Padmakumar Diphan , Vinod Vijayan.
GENRE:Action Thriller
PRODUCER:K Mohanan Seven Arts , Vinod Vijayan.
EDITOR:Ajith Kumar,Samjith,Arun.

D Company Review

Movie Review by PS Arjun (Rating : 3/5)

D Company is the action anthology film comprising of three distinct, separate stories directed three different and popular directors. It is said to be the first action anthology film made in India.

1.Oru Bolivian Diary 1995 by M. Padmakumar (written by G.S. Anil)

Set in a tribal area in North Kerala, the plot revolves around a hunt for Saukidar and Chinnan by a police inspector Narain, who narrates the story to a reporter 15 years after the incident. Asif Ali plays Chinnan a tribal youth who initially gets fascinated by Chaukidar and later develops strong emotional ties with him.

Technically top-class with impressive camera movements and terrific background score makes it look above the average level but an average script brings it down. The musical score is really impressive and the only song comes here and catches attention directly.

Low Light:
  • It looks like a prequel to Samuthrakani`s character in Shikkari, which is also directed by M Padmakumar
  • The film fails to take viewers close to the characters.

High Light:

  • Cinematography.
  • Song and background music by Ratheesh Vegha.
  • Asif Ali delivers a convincing performance.
    Overall, it is a one-time watchable with its eye catching visuals.

2. Gangs of Vadakkamnathan by Diphan (written by Anoop Menon)
It is a gangster film dealing with high-profile money spinners from other part of the country and local gangsters from Thrissur. Even though, it`s about gangsters, but not a gangster film, rather a cop film.

Even though, the lot had enough strength for a full-length feature film, but making it as a short-film gives a feeling like a large file is compressed just to fill in a floppy disk when CDs are available all around than floppy. Though the film doesn`t impresses with the script or narration style, it really impresses with the things it deals with. Anoop Menon and Jayasurya as usual fit in their respective roles and Unni Mukundan looks good and very convincing as a police officer within the short frame limit.

Low Light

  • Some files missing while compressing.

  • Fails to make any thrill.

  • Usual Anoop Menon clicks like–Extra marital affair.

  • Could have used Jayasurya and Unni Mukundan more.

High Light

  • Interesting theme.
  • Fast.
    Overall, it is Fast but not Furious.

3. The Judgment Day by Vinod Vijayan (written by himself)
A doctor is in a police interrogation table for a murder happened in his apartment, for further bad luck it was just two days after the accidental death of his wife. This short-film fills the whole second half.

A typical Fahadh Faasil kinda character and he does a great job. He was brilliant in showing fear, tension and anger. Bhama looks beautiful and Tanushree is there. Who was the guy who played as the cool cop? Impressed. The slow pace of this film actually helps viewers to connect with the character. It was well done with few confusing mixing scenes.

Low Light

  • Ending.
  • Ending.
  • Ending.
High Light

  • Catchy narration-style makes the average script looks damn good.
  • Fahad Fazil`s performance.
  • Supporting Cast.
  • Editing.
    Overall, a better ending could have made it a perfect thriller.

    Overall: D Company is Watchable and good work under the involvement of good technicians and artists. But could have been better.
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D Company Songs

Singers : Ifthi.
D Company Title Song
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