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Haage Summane

Haage Summane is a Kannada - movie directed by Preetham Gubbi. Starring Kiran,Suhaasi,Chandrashekhar,Sharath Babu,Yamuna and K.S.L. Swame.

Haage Summane Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Preetham Gubbi.




Sharath Babu

Yamuna and K.S.L. Swame

Haage Summane Review

`Haage Summane` - a feel-good love story (IANS Film Review)

Rating: ***

Preetham Gubbi, who had scripted the 2006 Kannada blockbuster Mungaru Male, debuts as a director with Haage Summane and there were huge expectations from this film. A majority of technicians who had worked for Mungaru Male came together for this love story and the excellent teamwork sure seems to have paid off.

Despite many weak points in his script, Gubbi has managed to infuse some energy into the film with his narration. And as a writer, he impresses with his dialogues.

Mano Murthy makes a brilliant comeback in Haage Summane with wonderful compositions like Maayavaagide Manasu, Naanenu Nambodhilla and Odi Bandhenu - all written by master lyricist Jayanth Kaikini.

Cameraman Krishna captures the beauty of many outdoor locations in Karnataka that have been ignored by many filmmakers, who now prefer going abroad or to other states to shoot the songs. The colours and background fit in perfectly with the mood of each sequence and the costume designer too has done a good job in selecting the right wardrobe for the lead artists.

Haage Summane, however, has its flaws. The film drags at times, specially in the second half, but comes alive during song sequences. There are also some clich├ęd dialogues that could have been avoided.

The story revolves around young and spoilt Preetham who meets Khushi, a trained musician. The hero chances upon Khushi`s diary that she had apparently forgotten somewhere.

After reading the diary, Preetham starts loving Khushi. He tries to impress her, but the woman later reveals that the diary has not been written by her. But his love for her is so deep that Preetham decides to pursue his attempts to get close to her. In the end, he finally get his dream girl.

Debutants Kiran and Suhasi have done well in their respective roles. Both look ravishing on screen. Chandrashekhar, Yamuna and Sharath Babu do justice to their roles.

Haage Summane is an enjoyable fare with good music, pleasing cinematography and deft handling of an uncomplicated love story.
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