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Rocky is a Kannada - movie directed by Nagendra Aras. Starring Yash,Biyanka Desai,Jai Jagadish,Padmaja Rao,Girija Lokesh,Mithra.

Rocky Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Nagendra Aras.
PRODUCER:Thimmappa Raju.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Venkat-Narayan.
STORY WRITER:Nagendra Aras.

Biyanka Desai

Jai Jagadish

Padmaja Rao

Girija Lokesh


Rocky Review

`Rocky` an average fare (IANS Film Review)

 Rating: **

"Rocky" is Kannada film industry`s much-acclaimed editor Nagendra Aras` second directorial venture, which raised high expectations before its release.

The promos of the film looked promising, but the film is disappointing. You are made to wonder whether Aras, who won appreciation and awards for his editing work, has directed this silly film.

Yeshwant, who proved his mettle in films like "Jambada Hudugi" and "Moggina Manasu", is introduced as an action hero in the film.

The script reminds you of several films and not even one sequence seems to be original. As the film progresses you realise that "Rocky" is a rehash of Telugu film "Arya". The characterisation of the film`s hero is similar to the protagonist in "Arya".

Apart from "Arya", Aras has also lifted from Rajiv Menon`s "Kandukondain Kandukondain". The sequence of events in the second half reminds the audiences of Prabhu Deva and Kajol starrer "Minsaara Kanavu".

Taking inputs from these films, Aras has weaved an illogical and not-so-engaging story. Other than the song sequences, rest of the movie is drab.

The film is about "Rocky" who misses parental love. He falls in love with his classmate Usha whose mother died many years ago, but her family is loving and caring. Rocky doesn`t tell Usha about his feelings for her.

Usha is a big fan of singer Vishwas who is the younger brother of a don. Rocky tries to bring Vishwas and Usha together. But Vishwas misinterprets Rocky`s request and assumes that his elder brother`s rivals have sent Rocky to him.

After several twists and turns, Usha realises how intensely Rocky loves her.

Yeshwant had proved his talent in "Moggina Manasu", but due to a weak script he is not able to do much in "Rocky". However Mumbai-based model Biyanka makes an impressive debut with the movie.

The comedy sequences featuring Mithra and others are irritating. However, Girija Lokesh has come out with a good cameo.

Sudhakar`s camera work and Venkat-Narayan`s music are impressive. Dialogue writer Vijay Chendur too has done a good job.

In short, "Rocky" is average fare.
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