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Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum is a Malayalam Romantic Drama movie directed by Praveen M Sukumaran. Starring Sunny Wayne,Thinkal Bhal,Baiju Ezhupunna,M.R. Gopakumar,Chinchu Mohan,Claudio Rucher.

Chewing Gum Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Praveen M Sukumaran.
BANNER: Think Cinema
GENRE:Romantic Drama
PRODUCER:Sudheer M Sukumaran.
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Sakyadeb Chowdhury.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Jonathan Bruce.
SINGERS:Najim Arshad.
LYRICIST:Praveen M Sukumaran.
STORY WRITER:Praveen M Sukumaran.
EDITOR:Ranjith Kuzhur.

Thinkal Bhal

Baiju Ezhupunna

M.R. Gopakumar

Chinchu Mohan

Claudio Rucher

Chewing Gum Synopsis

When Violet, a city girl meets Dinu, a welder in the village, life of Dinu takes a new turn.

He travels to the city in hunt of new dreams but life plays a different role when Violet and Dinu come close to each other. It was a long wait in that busy city life on the Christmas eve....

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