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NORTH 24 Kaatham

NORTH 24 Kaatham is a Malayalam - movie directed by Anil Radhakrishnan Menon. Starring Fahadh Faasil,Swati Reddy,Nedumudi Venu,Thalaivasal Vijay,Sadiq,Srinda Ashab,Premgi Amaren,Chemban Vinod Jose,Leona Lishoy.

NORTH 24 Kaatham Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Anil Radhakrishnan Menon.
PRODUCER:C. V. Sarathi.
STORY WRITER:Anil Radhakrishnan Menon.

NORTH 24 Kaatham Review

Movie Review by PS Arjun (Rating : 3.25/5)

Plot: It's the story of a journey of three people Harikrishnan (Fahad Fazil), Gopalan (Nedumudi Venu), and Narayani (Swati Reddy) from different backgrounds and with distinct characters. Like the Tamil Movie Anbe Sivam, this is also a travelling movie which discusses some socially relevent issues through the characters who are forced to travel together due to some circumstances. The movie focuses on Harikrishnan, who shows obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and a kind of obsessive sense of fear.

The main element that makes North 24 Kaatham a good film, is its impressive and lovable characters. And the stars handling it brings the story to life. Majority of the viewers will be going to see this film for Fahadh Fazil. He is one of the few actors who create a kinda connection with the viewers. This time, once again he hits a boundry. Brilliant performance. Considering the character and his earlier roles, this must be his best till date. Very different from his previous roles. Nedumudi Venu shows his experience, his best in recent times and Swathi matches Fahadh well. Supporting actors especially Premji, does a good job. Visuals by Jayesh Nair is good enough to engage viewers and the music goes well with the visuals.

The film takes its time to engage viewers, slowly but convincingly. It is entertaining but not in the usual way of other new generation films. Cannot expect this film to go well with everybody. The portions just before climax could have been better, otherwise it is a neat film. It is beautiful to watch but can create an impact only if you focus on-screen. Enjoy and appreciate this movie with an open mind.

An Enjoyable Journey of Perosnal Discovery.

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NORTH 24 Kaatham Synopsis

3 total strangers from different backgrounds embark on a travel which last a whole day, full difficulties and adventure. “North 24 kaatham” depicts their fun filled emotional journey.

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