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Holyshit is a Malayalam Fun movie directed by Johnson V Devassy. Starring Aksar Ali.

Holyshit Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Johnson V Devassy.
PRODUCER:Suresh Kumar T.
STORY WRITER:Johnson V Devassy.

Aksar Ali

Holyshit Synopsis

Four firebrand youngsters, SANJAY, AASHIQ, JERIN and SUBRU, hailing from different parts of Kerala are living together in a flat in Kochi. Among them SUBRU from palakad is a job seeker, rest are employed in private firms. SANJAY is working in a prominent share marketing firm in Kochi, AASHIQ in a new generation bank and JERIN in an IT company.

One fine evening, on heavy booze, they took an oath. From the next morning onwards problem starts to pop up. The punishment they fixed for any person who violates the decision, made them forcibly stick to the oath. Family issues, sacking from job, rupture of romantic affair follows. How they cope up with the situation is the lead to the climax.

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Holyshit Stills

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