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Zachariyayude Garbhinikal

Zachariyayude Garbhinikal is a Malayalam Family/Comedy movie directed by Aneesh Anwar. Starring Lal,Rima Kallingal,Sanusha,Lakshmi,Asha Sarath,Sandra Thomas,Aju Varghese,Kochu Preman,Joy Mathew,Kochu Preman,Devi Ajith,Ponnamma Babu,Vijay Menon,Sajid Yahiya.

Zachariyayude Garbhinikal Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Aneesh Anwar.
PRODUCER:, Thomas Joseph Pattathanam.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Vishnu,Vishnu-Sharath.
SINGERS:K. S. Chithra,Shan,Jyotsana,Aalap Raju,Vishnu,Manikandan,Jyotsna.
LYRICIST:Aiangandyur Chandrasekarn,Aneesh Anwar.

Zachariyayude Garbhinikal Synopsis

A story about a gynecologist and five pregnant ladies he comes across in his life, personally and professionally. A sixteen year old girl, who got pregnant and with a tragic secret. A nurse from a Muslim family who is acting as pregnant. A 55 year old nun who gets pregnant after so many controversies. A young pregnant women whose husband suffering from cancer, not being able to reveal about her pregnancy because of the doubt she has about the father of the child. The wife of the doctor who is willing to take the baby of the sixteen year old as her own. The movie deals with how these lives are intertwined and how the doctor becomes a pivotal person in these women's life. 

The music has been composed and programmed by Vishnu Sarath, Son of Mohan Sithara. There are Three Songs in this film, the first being 'OHO PENNE'which is a heartwarmingly romantic song shot in exquisite locales sung by Aalap Raju(Ennamo Edho(KO) and Engeyum Kadhal fame) and Manikandan. The lyrics of this song has been penned by Aneesh Anwar. The second,'MELLE THANJI KONJI', is a duet, sung by our own K.S.Chithra and internationally acclaimed singer Shaan(of Chand Sifarish, Koi Kahe, Main aisa kyun hoon, Jab se tere naina fame) and explores the intricate emotions and excitement of a woman in the cusp of motherhood. This is Shaan's first song in Malayalam and the lyrics have been penned by Aneesh Anwar. Finaly,' VEYIL CHILLA', Performed by Jyothsana and Vishnu Sarath, programmed by Dileep, and penned by Enganyoor Chandrashekaran captures the tone and essence of the film expressing the emotional roller coaster ride that the characters experience.

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Zachariyayude Garbhinikal trailer

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Zachariyayude Garbhinikal Songs

Singers : Jyotsna,Vishnu.
Veyil Chilla 
Singers : Alap Raju,Manikandan.
Oh Penne 

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