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Swapaanam is a Malayalam - movie directed by Shaji N. Karun. Starring Jayaram,Siddique,Vineet,Sarath,Udayan Namboothiri,P.D Namboothiri,Eeswaran Unni,Kadambari,Lakshmi Gopalaswamy,Sajitha Madathil.

Swapaanam Cast / Crew
BANNER: Horizon Entertainment
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Sreevalsan J Menon.
STORY WRITER:Sajeev Pazhoor,Hari Krishnan.
EDITOR:Sreekar Prasad Sreekar.



Udayan Namboothiri

P.D Namboothiri

Eeswaran Unni


Swapaanam Synopsis

The rhythm of life, even for a master drummer, is at the same moment disrupted and harmonized by the love, passion, jealousy, hate and spite of those around. Unequaled in the art of playing the Chenda (a drum), Unni, and Nalini, peerless in Mohiniyattam (a dance) are drawn to each other by an affection that transcends the devotion to their arts and the love for each other. The pulse of their passion cannot hold up against the tumults of Unni`s (Jayaram) life. A brother and a father figure, whose love sours to jealousy and hate, a wife who despises his drumming and a mother from whom the truth about his birth is not forthcoming all hasten the tempo of a mental imbalance rooted in Unni`s childhood to an inevitable dark end.

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Rajshri Deshpande,Kannan Nayar,Sujeesh KS.

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