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Memories is a Malayalam Action/Thriller movie directed by Jeethu Joseph. Starring Prithviraj,Meghana Raj,Miya George,Nedumudi Venu,Vijayaraghavan,Madhupal,Suresh Krishna,Sreejith Ravi,Rahul Madhav,Aneesh G Menon,S. P. Sreekumar,Vanitha Krishnachandran,Irshad.

Memories Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:P. K Muraleedharan, Santha Muraleedharan.
STORY WRITER:Jeethu Joseph.

Memories Review

Movie Review by PS Arjun (Rating : 4/5)

Plot: An alcoholic police officer, who is living in his unforgettable memories, off-duty is called back to investigate a kind of serial killings happening in Kerala. Memories is a story about human emotions. It is about memories and present life of two people, which goes through various emotions like love, respect, ego, loneliness etc. And these emotions are mixed well to make this suspense thriller. The film impresses right from the title card and delivers quite brilliant on many levels.

Prithviraj delivers another great performance. Ayaalum Njanum Thammil, Celluloid, Mumbai Police and Memories! What a great time this guy is having. Look at the variations this guy is showing in each of his movies. Amazing. An actor, Malayalam industry can proudly present in national level. Another notable performance is by Sreekumar. Unexpected. You will see more from this good actor sooner or later. Within the small time frame, he gives a memorable performance. Wish he gets more of such characters which have wide range to perform.

The script is more suitable for English language mainly because Malayalam industry is not used to such stories but for everything there should be a beginning. This is it. The script might not look convincing for everybody especially the past of the negative character, but the presentation is in such a way that you are not going to think about anything more or less but only those things which the makers want you to think. Brilliant direction. Jithu Joseph deserves a salute. Few fantastic and memorable scenes  prove that Jithu Jospeh can do wonders if given the opportunity to showcase his skills and freedom. Another thing which is so impressive is the camera work. There are many shots which make us wonder where the camera is placed and how it is moved. Brilliant. Then the background score! It is top class. All these things works so well that it evokes thrill now and then.

What could have been better!
* Performance of supporting actors.

What works well!
* Everything else.

It was an enormous pleasure to see a movie like this in Malayalam, which is intelligently written and presented. Very well done, the movie keeps viewer interested throughout. This is not a usual bang bang, bhoom bhoom police story, but a different one. Overall, a great film, with a neat plot, interesting settings and thrilling atmosphere.

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Memories Movie News

Malayalam young actor Neeraj Madhav got married to Deepthi

Young actor Neeraj Madhav finally shed his bachelor tag when he married Kozhikode girl Deepthi April 2, 2018. The traditional Namboothiri rituals called 'Veli' was held on Sunday at Sreekandapuram in Kannur. After the traditional wedding, the couple tied knot at Aashirvad Lawns in Kozhikode on Monday.The actor shared photos of the marriage in social media platforms. The young couple looks every bit cute,romantic and classy in these pictures.Read More

Memories Synopsis

Jithu Joseph who`s previous release `MY BOSS` took mollywood by storm is back with another movie titled `Memories. The film tells the tale of Sam Alex a police officer who is a drunkard by nature.
Prithviraj is in the lead role as a police officer. Chettayees fame Mia George plays the female lead in the movie. She essays the role of a journalist. 

Packed with suspense and thrills, `Memories` will be a real visual treat for movie lovers. Nedumudi Venu, Madhupal, Vijayaraghavan, Rahul Madhav, Suresh Krishna, Sreejith Ravi, Rahul Madhav, Aneesh G Menon and Vanitha Krishnachandran are the other prominent characters in the movie.

Santha Murali & P.K Muralidharan produced the movie under the banner of Anantha Vision. The film is expected to work out a contemporary premise at its theme.

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Memories Stills

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Memories trailer

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