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Paisa Paisa

Paisa Paisa is a Malayalam - movie directed by Prashanth Murali. Starring Indrajith,Mamta Mohandas,Aju Varghese,Daniel Balaji,Kaadhal Sandhya,Anoop Chandran,Aparna Nair,Sasi Kalinga,Sunil Sukhada,Kishor Satya.

Paisa Paisa Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Prashanth Murali.
PRODUCER:Raj Zacharia.
STORY WRITER:Prashanth Murali.

Paisa Paisa Review

Movie Review by PS Arjun (Rating : 1/5)

Paisa Paisa directed by Prashanth Murali, starring: Indrajith, Aju Varghese, Daniel Balaji, Mamtha Mohandas and Sandhya.

Plot: Few characters in few hours!!!

Wow. It’s a fun ride. It looks like the makers got a good basic idea and immediately they started the movie, without any script. Loose ends was never-before so easy to find for any level of audience. The story is said to be happening on a Saturday, between 10 AM and 12 PM. Immediate question that pops out of viewers mind is about the terribly slow ‘time’ inside the film. The main characters goes for interview (when was the interview started?), first round selected, gets kidnapped and forces to arrange Rs. 10,000 within 2 hours, one of the kidnappers even sleep within that 2 hours!, the second main characters runs for money (roams around Ernakulam in bike for more than 10 places, then walks, run, discuss, argues). The story goes like that. But nowhere did it could engage the viewers. Sadly the script is utter rubbish. Eg. Just wondering why the hell Indrajith is shouting at Mamta Mohandas at the end!!! All in all it is predictable, boring, and will make you sleep like your least favorite school teacher.

Performances and Technical side: Songs! Forget it. Background track is irritating. Way too much of noises and it just took away the last drop of good thing from the film. Editing is very average. With a better star-cast on the kit, they could have given more care. Performance vise Aju Vargees is emotionless; Mamta Mohandas was there and … sadly the script was too bad that even Indrajith couldn’t help the film.

I wonder when they finalized the title! Must be after the finale product! Who is eventually to blame for that disgraceful waste of money?! Think again. Overall `Paisa Paisa` is brainless, pointless, annoying and shallow.

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Paisa Paisa Synopsis

Paisa Paisa is a film written and directed by debutante director Prashanth Murali. Produced by Raj Zacharia under the banner Celebs and Red Carpet, it features Indrajith Sukumaran and Mamta Mohandas in the lead roles.

'Paisa Paisa depicts a story as it evolves over 3 hours in 2 cities,'Chennai and Cochin'.

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