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Janumadha Gelathi

Janumadha Gelathi is a Kannada - movie directed by Dinesh Baboo. Starring Srinagara Kitty,Pooja Gandhi,Jayanthi,Avinash,Suresh Mangalore ,Harish Rai.

Janumadha Gelathi Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Dinesh Baboo.
BANNER: Golden Lion Films Division

Srinagara Kitty

Pooja Gandhi



Suresh Mangalore

Harish Rai

Janumadha Gelathi Review

`Janumadha Gelathi` doesn`t live up to expectations (IANS Film Review)


"Janumadha Gelathi" is one of the weakest films by director Dinesh Baboo, who is known for making attractive family entertainers.

For all those who love Dinesh Baboo`s brand of films, this new offering from the dependable director comes as a shocker. It looks like a cheap gangster film made by an amateur director and not by someone who has given movies like "Amrutha Varshini" and "Suprabhatha".

"Janumadha Gelathi" proceeds at a slow pace right from the start and the narration is far from logical. Dinesh Baboo, who usually focuses on even small details, fails to create a credible script this time.

Dinesh Baboo is credited with writing the story and screenplay of the film, which has been heavily inspired by director Balu Mahendra`s Malayalam film "Yatra" starring Mammootty and Shobhana. The film`s beginning where a journalist interviews a dreaded killer reminds one of Kamal Haasan`s "Virumandi".

The second half is not only illogical, but is full of violence. The sentimental sequences involving the mother and her son fail to make any impact.

Srinagara Kitty plays a newly appointed forest ranger Gowri Shankar, who fall in love with a girl (Pooja Gandhi) he meets in the forest range. He is just about to marry her when the situation takes a negative turn and Shankar is forced to take shelter with the underworld. He is hounded the police as well another underworld don.

"Janumadha Gelathi" finally ends on a positive note as seen in "Yatra".

Srinagara Kitty makes a good impression with his lively acting. Pooja Gandhi delivers a convincing performance in her role, but she could have looked much better. Veteran artists Jayanthi, Avinash, Suresh Mangalore and Harish Rai have limited scope in the film to perform.

On the whole, it is an unexpected below par film from Dinesh Baboo.
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