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Akka Thangi

Akka Thangi is a Kannada - movie directed by S. Mahendar. Starring Shruthi,Rashmi,Kishor,Mohan,Sharan,M.N. Lakshmi Devi.

Akka Thangi Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: S. Mahendar.






M.N. Lakshmi Devi

Akka Thangi Review

`Akka Thangi` - a breath of fresh air (IANS Film Review)

Rating: ***1/2

Akka Thangi comes as a breath of fresh air for Kannada film audiences who have been subjected to a series of bad films for the past many months.

The film has a strong native fervour and its highlight is its realistic narration. Besides, it gives a message promoting a value-based life where truth prevails.

The film stands out for excellent acting by Shruthi, Mohan and Kishore that is matched by great dialogues written by Madhu and Mohan. Mahendar`s direction and Manohar`s music are exceptional.

By basing his film`s story on Govina Haadu, also known as the Punyakoti song, director Mahendar successfully puts across the importance of living a value-based life. The focus is always on the story and he downplays the technical aspect.

The director has selected M.M. Hills near Bangalore as the perfect backdrop for the film. He has written a good script with many elements that uphold high moral and traditional values. Family audiences are sure to love the movie.

Akka Thangi is the story of two sisters Nagi and Kaveri who are orphaned early in their life and share a strong bond. Nagi, the elder one, is an assertive woman who focuses on her sister`s education and turns down a mafrriage proposal from a cycle shop owner who loves her.

But tragedy strikes as Kaveri becomes unconscious after witnessing the murder of a villager by Huliyappa, the village`s cruel finance shark.

And Nagi has to arrange for money to finance Kaveri`s treatment. She approaches Huliyappa, who agrees to lend her money on the condition that she agrees to marry him. She agrees and her sister undergoes a surgey and they return to the village.

She immediately goes to Huliyappa`s house, against her sister`s wishes. In the climax scene, the financier realises his mistake and that being good to others can be rewarding.

Award winning actress Shruthi makes a good impression with her acting prowess in the elder sister`s role. Rashmi, whose performance was appreciated in her first Duniya, gets another great role in Akka Thangi.

But it is Kishor who stand out in the role of Huliyappa. His voice and body language completely fit into the role he plays. Mohan, Sharan and M.N. Lakshmi Devi have also done well in the comedy sequences.

V. Manohar`s catchy tunes are another plus point of the film.

Watch Akka Thangi for its good story content and great performances.

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