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Rasputin is a Malayalam - movie directed by Jinu G Daniel. Starring Vinay Forrt,Vandana Menon,Sreenath Bhasi,Joy mathew,Nandhu,Sunil Sukhada,Vandhana Menon,Archana Gupta,Srinda Asab,Shritha Sivadas,Joy Mathew,Srinda Ashab.

Rasputin Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Jinu G Daniel.
BANNER: Blue Moon Pictures
PRODUCER:E P Varghese.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Robi Abraham,-.
SINGERS:Sachin Warrier,-.
LYRICIST:Rafeeq Ahammed,Arun K Narayanan,Joslee ,-.
STORY WRITER:Jinu G. Daniel.
EDITOR:Sriram Raja.

Vandana Menon

Vandhana Menon

Archana Gupta

Srinda Asab

Srinda Ashab

Rasputin Synopsis

`Rasputin` is a first of its kind, coming of age film in Malayalam.

Susheelan aka Sushee, is a 29 year old nice but shy man, with low self esteem. Radhenathan aka Rad’s, Susheelans cousin, colleague and mentor is an antethesis to him and has multiple affairs and one night stands, as a part of life.

On Rad’s advice, a depressed Susheelan gets in touch with Smita aka Dr. Smita,a high class escort. He soon develops a special bond with her, bringing a bit of positive streak in his life.

One day Susheelan leaves to another city to meet Dr. Smita, not knowing that the ensuing events are going to change his and Rad’s life for ever…

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Rasputin trailer

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