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Parmesh Panawala

Parmesh Panawala is a Kannada - movie directed by Mahesh Babu. Starring Shivaraj Kumar,Survin Chawla,Shrinivasmurty,Ashish Vidyarthi,Chitra Shaney,Akul Balaji,Sadhu Kokila,Sharan.

Parmesh Panawala Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Mahesh Babu.
PRODUCER:Aditya Babu.

Shivaraj Kumar

Survin Chawla


Chitra Shaney

Akul Balaji

Sadhu Kokila


Parmesh Panawala Review

Watch `Paramesha Paanwala` for a hearty laugh (IANS Film Review)

Rating: ** and 1/2

Director Mahesh Babu`s "Paramesha Paanwala" is much better than any recent films of Shivaraj Kumar. The second half of the narrative has lot of enjoyable moments and it will please cinegoers.

Writer Maharshi`s story is not fresh - it is just a rehash of his previous Kannada films "Bindaas" and "Bombaat" - but the comedy sequences featuring Sadhu Kokila and Om Prakash Rao and a fitting climax save the film.

Maharshi has also lifted some sequences from Telugu films and incorporated them in "Paramesha Paanwala". The opening sequence of the film, where the hero`s sister is humiliated by a baddie and the subsequent entry of the hero, has been lifted from Telugu film "Lakshmi" starring Victory Venkatesh.

The film has too many flaws. For instance, the first half moves at very slow pace and then there is a lack of continuity. Hero Shivaraj`s different look in the songs and the fight scenes are baffling.

But Shivaraj Kumar`s lively performance and comical episodes featuring Om Prakash and Sadhu make up for the the flaws. Om Prakash and Sadhu`s comic timing, body language and dialogue delivery are a treat to watch.

The comedy sequences are executed deftly and it would be difficult for the audiences to control their laughter whenever these two artistes appear on the scene. A great job indeed!

The story revolves around Paramesha, who owns a paan shop. He loves making paan for good people, but keeps wicked people away from his shop.

Paramesha has a sister and he makes sure that nobody dares to mess with her.

A senior police officer approaches Paramesha proposing his sister`s marriage with his son who is a doctor. Parmesha accepts the proposal, but later discovers that the officer had an ulterior motive behind the alliance.

The officer had killed a don`s son in an encounter for raping a girl and killing a policeman. And now the don wants to avenge his son`s death by killing the officer`s son. It need not be over emphasised that Paramesha comes out as a winner in this game of wits.

Shivaraj Kumar has given a pleasing performance in the film. Surveen Chawla, who plays the female lead in the film, is just seen in song sequences picturised abroad. Sonu is impressive in the sister`s role. Sharan, who plays the role of Shivaraj Kumar`s sidekick, has too little scope to display his talent.

If you want to have some hearty laughs, watch "Paramesha Paanwala".

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