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Naanu Gandhi

Naanu Gandhi is a Kannada - movie directed by N.R. Nanjunde Gowda. Starring Likith,Sadhashiva Brahmavar,Prameela Joshai.

Naanu Gandhi Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: N.R. Nanjunde Gowda.
PRODUCER:Kokila Gowda.
STORY WRITER:Besagarahalli Ramanna.


Sadhashiva Brahmavar

Prameela Joshai

Naanu Gandhi Review

`Naanu Gandhi` tries to simplify globalisation, Gandhism for kids (IANS Film Review)

 Rating: ***

Director Nanjunde Gowda, who has directed children films like "Chukki Chandrama" and "A Aa E Ee", comes out with another one. Titled "Naanu Gandhi", the movie focuses on the relevance of Gandhian values in the contemporary world and how Gandhiji`s idealistic principles are cynically viewed in the present day society.

The film got an award at the recently concluded International Children Film Festival in Columbia.

"Naanu Gandhi" is based on a short story written by Besagarahalli Ramanna, one of the most sensitive writers in Kannada literature. However, the director has made changes in the basic story.

While Ramanna`s story deals with the tragedy of an idealistic old man Karisiddegowda and his sick grandson, who becomes victim of doctor`s callousness and corrupt system, in the film Nanjunde Gowda has included a debate on issues like globalisation and relevance of Gandhigiri in today`s world.

While the original story ends in a tragic note, the film has a happy ending where the doctors realise their mistake and save the child.

But Gowda`s film fails to deliver the desired impact as issues like globalisation dilutes basic elements contained in Ramanna`s story. Because of these additions, the movie drags in some places. It would be even difficult for the children to understand the issues that are discussed in the movie.

However, "Naanu Gandhi" will be remembered for its sincere and clean presentation. Performances are natural and Likith and Brahmavar excel in their roles. Dialogues are strikingly original and authentic.

V. Manohar`s music gels with the narration. "Naanu Gandhi" is worth a watch for the film audience looking for some substance and discourse.
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