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Dakota Picture

Dakota Picture is a Kannada Drama movie directed by N. Omprakash Rao. Starring Rockline Venkatesh,Nikesha Patel,Shashi Kumar,Om Prakash Rao,Doddanna,Mukyamantri Chandru,Manadip Rai,Raju Thalikote,Malathi Sardeshpande .

Dakota Picture Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: N. Omprakash Rao.
PRODUCER:Rockline Venkatesh.

Rockline Venkatesh

Shashi Kumar

Om Prakash Rao


Mukyamantri Chandru

Manadip Rai

Raju Thalikote

Malathi Sardeshpande

Dakota Picture Review

`Dakota Picture` not an extraordinary remake

(Rating: **)

Dakota Picture is a remake of Bollywood`s 2006 hit film Malaamal Weekly, directed by Priyadarshan. Though the people connected to the film claimed that the film is a laugh riot, in reality it is just a remake made in a hurry.

Barring a few sequences, the film does not offer any opportunity to tickle the audience`s funny bone. Even Malaamal Weekly had a weak script, but the perfect choice of artists as well as their timing did the trick. Even though Malamaal Weekly was not as good as Priyadarshan`s other films Hera Pheri, Hungama and Hulchul, it had struck a chord.

Rather than correcting the mistakes in the original script, Om Prakash Rao, who has also acted in the movie, just follows the original script. And he clearly faulters in presentation. His trademark dialogue delivery misses the track in this film. The title of the film is itself a bad choice. It seems both, producer Rockline Venkatesh and director Om Prakash Rao might have been inspired by the success of Dakota Express in which both of them played lead roles. The film was made under the banner of Rockline Productions, which has now produced Dakota Picture.

Other than this factor, there was no reason as to why such a title was chosen. Despite selecting talented artists like Mukyamanthri Chandru and Doddanna to reprise the parts essayed by Paresh Rawal and Om Puri in the original Hindi film, director Om Prakash Rao has failed to get proper artists for the other important characters in the film.

The narrative is about Lachchayya, a lottery agent knowing that a ticket sold by him has won a prize of Rs.1 crore. After eliminating some regular buyers, he zeroes in on Anthony, whom he thinks is in possession of the winning lottery ticket. But when he goes to secure the lottery ticket, he finds a dead Anthony, with the lottery ticket in his hand. Meanwhile, when he is making efforts to get the lottery ticket, a milk vendor Mallanna notices it and feels that Lachchayya might have killed Anthony.

Lachchayya then strikes a deal with Mallanna to be silent over the issue for sharing the booty that comes from the lottery ticket. Then the film ends with a message that money brings in more worries and kills the peace of mind of the people, who run after it. Finally, the film ends on a happier note with the wedding of two characters - Krishna and Radha, who were involved in the whole drama.

Veterans Mukyamanthri Chandru and Doddanna have delivered their best performance in the film. Rockline Venkatesh puts in good efforts, but the film`s heroine Nikisha is still to learn a lot. Shashi Kumar, Raju Thalikote and Mandip Rai shine in their respective roles.

In the technical departments, Jagadish Wali has done a great work behind the camera, while Hamsalekha`s background musical score is good.

Dakota Picture has nothing unusual to offer, but can be watched once for the efforts of veterans like Doddanna and Mukyamanthri Chandru.

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