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Matinee is a Malayalam - movie directed by Aneesh Upasana. Starring Mythili,Maqbool Salman,Lena Abhilash Thalaivasal Vijay,Fathima Babu,Sasi Kalinga,Sunil Sukhada.

Matinee Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Aneesh Upasana.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:,Anand Raj Anand.
SINGERS:Resmi Sateesh.
STORY WRITER:Anil Narayanan.

Matinee Synopsis

Everybody born on this earth has dreamt of being an actor or actress. Most don`t do anything about it. Very few try and fail mid way. A privileged few make it and we know them as stars. The film is a tribute to all 3 categories of people. 

In the life of everyone who makes the difficult journey of cinema, the first Friday`s Matinee is very important as life changes in an afternoon. It was such a matinee that changed the lives of Najeeb and Savithri.

Najeeb Ali from an extremely conservative middle class musilm family of Malappuram. His dream is to become a film star.Savithri comes from a poor background of interior Palakkad.

She just wants to survive and cinema is something she has never thought of. How both these people find themselves in a movie and how one show of that movie changes their lives forever is what matinee is about

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Matinee Wallpaper

Matinee Stills

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Matinee trailer

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Matinee Songs

Singers : Resmi Sateesh.
Ayalathe veettile kalyana chekkane  

Matinee Video

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