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David and Goliath

David and Goliath is a Malayalam - movie directed by Rajeev Nath. Starring Jayasurya,Anoop Menon,Soumya,Lena,Indrans,P. Balachandran,Anumol.

David and Goliath Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Rajeev Nath.
PRODUCER:C. B. Badarudeen.
SINGERS:Vijay Yesudas.
LYRICIST:Kavalam Narayana Panicker,Anoop Menon.

David and Goliath Synopsis

About the Movie.... Jayasurya-Anoop Menon, the hit duo is teaming up once again after `Cocktail`, `Beautiful` and the latest one `Trivandrum Lodge`. The duo will be seen together once again in national award winning director Rajeevnath`s `David & Goliath`.

In the Bible, the story of David and Goliath is all about how the meek and innocent David kills the philistine giant Goliath through a slingshot in the battle of Philistine and Israel. The movie, which deals with the concept of the strong and weak, has Jayasurya playing David while Anoop Menon appears as Goliath.

In Anoop Menon`s words, We have taken the biblical characters and given it modern day interpretation. It will show how in every David there resides a strong and courageous Goliath who can win even a difficult battle. The movie will be a complete entertainer.

Jayasurya who plays the innocent young man David, says that the movie will deal with a fresh subject that no Malayalam film has dealt with. The film`s subject is new and my character David is an innocent countryside boy. He is capable of many things and has strong love in his heart, says the young-gen heart throb.

Anoop Menon, who has penned the screenplay for the movie says, The story idea for `David & Goliath` came when Jaysurya and I were sitting in my flat thinking what next to do after `Trivandrum Lodge`. The film will deal with the idea of success and failure from the micro-level. If there was no concept of success and failure, then there would have been no ego and no war between the countries that we see today.

Talking about the film, the director says, This film will be a complete package. It will have the situations that happen in the life of any human being. The scenic backdrop of Vagamon will be the main location.

New face Soumya will play Jayasurya`s lady love in the film. I play the character of a village belle. The story revolves around a church and few characters who are closely associated to it, says Soumya

Producer`s statement - This project was brought to us by Director Rajeevanath, and we have agreed to produce. In fact we were more attracted on this project since Anoop menon pen for the movie and the duo hit paif anoop n jayasurya on lead role. Story line is very intresting and we are sure this will be one of the best production from our side after JANAKAN in 2010 | Sandwich in 2011...The film, being produced under the banner of SALROZA MOTION PICTURES | LINE OF COLORS & CHAYA Films, by  Sudeep Kara`t & Arun nair will be released for X`MAS 2012! Distributed to the theatres by LINE OF COLORS!

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Samyuktha Menon,Kannan Nayar,Dhanesh Anand.

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