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Ondhu Kshanadalli

Ondhu Kshanadalli is a Kannada - movie directed by Dinesh Baboo. Starring Tarun,Bhama,Sanjjana Archana,Sangeetha,Sharan,Sathyajith and M.S.Umesh.

Ondhu Kshanadalli Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Dinesh Baboo.
CINEMATOGRAPHER: Suresh Byrasandra.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Giridhara Diwan.


Sanjjana Archana



Sathyajith and M.S.Umesh

Ondhu Kshanadalli Review

`Ondhu Kshanadalli` marred by weak narration
Rating: **

Dinesh Baboo-directed "Ondhu Kshanadalli" is another prototype film by the director-cum-cinematographer, who has worked in over 100 films in different languages. Though he has directed many good quality films in Kannada, somehow he has been stuck up making films with shoestring budgets in limited locations.

Generally, Dinesh Baboo`s films will have a wafer thin storyline, which is stretched to limits. Even this one follows the trend. It has a thin story. Many sequences look repeated.

Another aspect is that the film drags in its narration, which tests the patience of the viewers. The dialogues in the film do not make any impact. Even the so called comedy sequences in the film look totally out of place. And that is especially surprising as Dinesh Baboo is known for his sharp comical sense and is good enough to bring in the best out of his comedy artists.

One more drawback of the fim is that actor Tarun, who looks exremely handsome on screen is not so good in his dialogue delivery. He has to improve in that department to match the emotional overtones in the sequence.

The story revolves around Shyam, who returns from Delhi after completing his education course. His mother forces him to marry immediately. His mother wants Shyam to marry Shilpa, a girl of her choice. But Shilpa is too possessive and she has some attitude problems, which does not go well with Shyam. Shyam deliberately creates some misunderstanding in the mind of Shilpa by being closer to Divya and even hugging her in front of Shilpa.

Now, Divya would face problems in her traditional family and her engagement with a family friend is also cancelled. Divya takes Shyam to clear any misunderstanding in her family, but during the journey, many incidents happen. Finally Shyam feels that Divya is his best match.

Tarun looks good in the songs, but has to improve on his acting. Bhama is a talented actress and she proves this point in good measure. Sanjjana is good in songs. The comedy portions featuring Sharan and M.S.Umesh lack substance and are quite irritating.

Only two of Giridhara Diwan`s compositions are good. Suresh shows some spark in his camera work, but the film`s editing is bad. This movie is an ordinary venture with a thin storyline and weak narration.

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