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Kunjananthante Kada

Kunjananthante Kada is a Malayalam Family Drama movie directed by Salim Ahmed. Starring Mammootty,Salim Kumar,Nyla Usha,Balachandra Menon,Esther Anil,Siddique,Thesni Khan.

Kunjananthante Kada Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Salim Ahmed.
GENRE:Family Drama

Kunjananthante Kada Review

Movie Review by PS Arjun (2.5/5)

Kunjananthante Kada is from the makers of Adaminte Makan Abu, which received four National Film Awards in 2011. As the name implies, the story revolves around Kunjananthan (Mammootty), his shop and his deep attachment with the shop.

The director establishes each charactors slowly and effectively. First half is well mixed with few memorable quotes, thought provoking discussions, performances and shots.


* Gives no space to Mammootty as a star, but shows Mammootty as an actor.
* Reference to various present day news like World Bank Loan.
* Song - 'Sararanthal..' and theme music.
* Cinematography.

With this film, Mammootty bounces back to his performance best. His sound modulation during emotional scenes are as usual, top class. Few scenes in the first half simply hits drectly at the heart of the viewer. The leading lady Nyla Usha is beautiful, artistic and good. In her reasonably good character she does well. Supporting characters does their part well but overall it is a movie which rely only on Mammootty.

Salim Ahmed's narration is good and the slow pace gives the needed impact over the viewers in most part of the film but sadly the script goes weird towards the last ten minutes. The film could have ended few minutes before the actual ending. It looks forced. It was really painful to see a film with such a great first half, losing it completly post interval. It gives a feeling that it is written and directed by two extremely different people. The film falls dramatically towards the end, from a classy first half.

Major let down: Film tries to establish that, infrastructure developments like road, airport, flyovers is essential for better living. It looks awkward to see such stance towards the end especially after so much contradictory dialogues in the early parts. The terrible post climax scenes made me wonder what made talented director like Salim Ahmed to create such scenes!. The change in the character of Kunjananthan's wife in the end, looks comic and stupid.

Good, artistic, average, mediocre and poor.

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Kunjananthante Kada Synopsis

Mammootty’s Latest movie Kunjananthante Kada directed by National award winning Director Salim Ahamed. , The film focus on the marital relationship of a grocery store owner. The film with the background of a Kannur village will be the story of a husband and wife who never get along. But it will have a larger context and would be a comment on the current society.

Mammootty dons a grocery shop owner in this movie. He will speak the Kannur slang.Debutant Nyla Usha, an RJ from Dubai will be the female lead. Salim Kumar would also be seen in an important role.

Resul Pookutty for the sound recording,Art direction is undertakes by Jyothish Sankar and Pattanam Rashid is the makeup man.

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