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Heegu Unte

Heegu Unte is a Kannada - movie directed by Madan Patel. Starring Madan Patel,Jai Akash,Sushil Kumar,Madhu Goumathi,Raviteja,Prakash,Harshitha H.M.,Nishitha Gowda,Kanchan,Raksha.

Heegu Unte Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Madan Patel.
PRODUCER:Madan Patel.
LYRICIST:VV Gopal, Santosh Nayak, V Anand.

Madan Patel

Sushil Kumar

Madhu Goumathi



Harshitha H.M.

Nishitha Gowda



Heegu Unte Review

`Heegu Unte` fails on all counts (IANS Film Review) Rating: *

Madan Patel is a multifaceted personality who started his career as an orchestra singer and then switched to films as an actor and producer. But the films he has directed have failed to have any impact on the box office. Patel, however, doesn`t seem to have learnt any lessons from his failures and continues to make films that don`t have a good script.

"Heegu Unte" is an addition to many of his non-descript films that vanished from theatres within a few days of their release. Though Patel had said that the movie was based on the life of garment workers, the film fails to stir the conscience of viewers mainly because of a weak and uninspiring narration.

"Heegu Unte" starts and ends in the same graph and the so-called dramatic twists in the film look meaningless on screen. Patel tells the story of four working women who are sexually exploited by their male colleagues and bosses.

Instead of providing an authentic narration of the lives of these women, the director has resorted to cheap gimmicks and has failed to show the emotional turmoil the quartet go through.

Patel himself plays Annaiah, whose property is usurped by people with vested interests. He wants to start a garment factory and provide financial security and dignity to the factory workers.

Annaiah also takes on the responsibility of advising the four women working in the garment factory. The film, however, ends on a tragic note with Annaiah being framed for a murder.

Patel has taken on many responsibilities in this film besides acting. And he does not shine even in one department.

"Heegu Unte" is a film that should be avoided at any cost.
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