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Sangama is a Kannada - movie directed by Ravi Varma. Starring Ganesh,Vedhika,Komal,Rangayana Raghu,Sadhu Kokila,Thulasi Shivamani.

Sangama Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Ravi Varma.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Devi Sree Prasad.


Rangayana Raghu

Sadhu Kokila

Thulasi Shivamani

Sangama Review

Ganesh saving grace of predictable `Sangama`
Indo-Asian News Service

Rating: **

`Golden Star` Ganesh`s new film Sangama does not boast of a fresh story. The movie`s theme doesn`t have any innovative elements, but it has appealing music and a great performance by Ganesh.

Sangama, which lacks the elements to make it an enjoyable entertainer, ends up being an ordinary fare. Debutant director Varma lacks the competence of creating a breezy, cool film. He hasn`t worked properly on the script, which seems illogical. Despite being another run of the mill film, Sangama is partially saved by Ganesh, who takes on the entire responsibility of salvaging the project handicapped by a poor script and tardy narration.  Varma`s lack of creativity is visible as many of the sequences look influenced by successful Bollywood films like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge and Ganesh`s earlier blockbuster Mungaru Male.  Varma has focussed more on the comedy sequences, but they lack the punch. Many sequences start and end on predictable lines. The highlight of the film is the music by Devi Sree Prasad. The title song Dil Maange More and Kodu Kodu Varavanu Bhagavantha are the top numbers. The songs, however, could have been picturised better.

Ths tory revolves around happy-go-lucky Balu, a real estate dealer, who has a good friend in Kaamu. Both Balu and his friend are neighbours of Rangayana Raghu, whose daughter Lachchi is the hero`s childhood friend. All in the neighbourhood trust Balu so much that ask him to find a good match for Lachchi. Balu and Lachchi like each other, but they do not express their feelings.
Balu finds a match for her and Lachchi reveals her love for him in the climax sequence shot in a marriage hall. Ganesh has done his best in giving a convincing performance. He has scored well with his dialogue delivery and expressions and looks good in the songs. Vedhika also shines, but she has many repetitive dialogues.

Rangayana Raghu deserves better roles than this one. Sangama does not raise the bar on any counts except for its music and Ganesh`s performance. Watch if you are an ardent Ganesh fan.

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