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Pathiramanal is a Malayalam - movie directed by M. Padmakumar. Starring Unni Mukundan,Jayasurya,Remya Nambeesan,P. Balachandran,Rima Kallingal.

Pathiramanal Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: M. Padmakumar.
PRODUCER:Dhanush Productions.
STORY WRITER:Babu Janardhanan.

Pathiramanal Synopsis

The story is about a private financer Eldho, who lives in a hill station with his mother. His mother had become mentally challenged after she was raped by a police constable (Pradeep Rawat) during Eldho`s childhood. His mother conceived from the rape and gave birth to a baby girl. Johnkutty (Jayasurya), Eldho`s father is avenging his wife`s death by going after the police constable and unfortunately dies.

 After Eldho has grown up, he reaches Pathiramanal, a place in Kuttanad, in search of the constable to take revenge. There he meets Sara (Rima Kallingal). He realizes that Sara is the daughter of the constable. The drama is what the film is about.

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