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PUC is a Kannada - movie directed by S.R.Brothers. Starring Chethan Chandra,Harshitha Poonachcha,Ramakrishna,Avinash,Vinayaprakash,Sadhu Kokila.

PUC Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: S.R.Brothers.
PRODUCER:Sharanegowda Patil.

Chethan Chandra

Harshitha Poonachcha




Sadhu Kokila

PUC Review

`P.U.C.`a message that fails to deliver 

Rating: ** 1/2

What should be important for youngsters - studies or romance? Should they go for love or focus on their studies? Director duo Ramesh and Shankar, well-known writers in Kannada who are known as S.R. Brothers, focus on these issues in their new directorial venture "P.U.C.", which stands for Pre University Course.

They have made the film with new artistes and new technicians.

"P.U.C." is a message oriented film. However, in their eagerness, the directors have given too much importance to engineering and medical courses and sidelined others. This misplaced belief of the directors comes across as a negative factor in the film.

S.R. Brothers` directorial debut was "Nanjundi", which had Shivaraj Kumar in the lead. "Nanjundi" was a village based story and talked about exploitation of poor peasants by rich landlords. In their second directorial venture, the brothers have moved to the city.

"P.U.C." tries to warn those youngsters who give more importance to romance than to studies. But the directors have not succeeded in conveying the message effectively, though the emotional sequences that shows parents struggling hard for their children`s education have come out well.

The story revolves around Bhavish, whose parents work hard for his future. His father, a clerk, is ready to make any sacrifice for his son`s education.

But Bhavish, who fails to get admission in an engineering college, enrols himself in a P.U.C and lies to his parents that he is studying engineering. Then he meets Gowri, a medical student and falls in love with her.

After meeting Gowri, he starts ignoring his studies. Gowri too loses interest in studies.

But after a sequence of events Bhavish realises his mistake and tries to correct himself.

Newcomer Chethan Chandra and Harshitha Poonachcha have put in lively performances. Veterans Avinash, Ramakrishna and Vinay Prakash have delivered strong performances. But Sadhu Kokila`s comedy sequences are repetitive and cheap.

Raviraj`s music compositions have variety and songs have been shot well. Most of the songs have been shot in northern Karnataka. Camera work of Suresh Babu is top class.

"P.U.C." would have delievered its message better if the directors had avoided cheap gimmicks.
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