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Vamshi is a Kannada - movie directed by Prakash. Starring Puneet Raj Kumar,Nikitha,Lakshmi,Avinash,Ravi Kale,Rajendra Karanth and Komal.

Vamshi Cast / Crew
DIRECTOR: Prakash.
BANNER: Sri Chakreshwari Combines
PRODUCER:Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar.

Puneet Raj Kumar



Ravi Kale

Rajendra Karanth and Komal

Vamshi Review

Watch `Vamshi` just for Puneet`s action scenes

 Rating: **

Actor Puneet Raj Kumar`s Vamshi was a much awaited film. Director Prakash and Puneet had worked together in the blockbuster Milana a year ago and audiences were waiting for the next film by the actor-director team. In Milana, Puneet had excelled in a role well-etched by Prakash.

But this combination fails to work wonders in Vamshi, which has a weak story and an illogical plot. Produced by Parvathamma Raj Kumar, the film does have moments of cheer for Puneet`s fans in the first half. But in the second half, Prakash wastes an opportunity to create an interesting and absorbing movie.

Vamshi is like a roller coaster ride as it has some good sequences and some bad ones. The film has different threads in its story and even includes activities of the underworld. Prakash has erred in his approach and there is alot of confusion as far as the narration goes.

Prakash`s main strength has always been the way he narrates the emotional content in his films. In Vamshi too, he has shown some firm handling in emotional sequences, but lack of consistency in narrating other part of the story dilutes the film`s impact.

Another flaw is that the director hasn`t presented sequences relating to the police department realistically. The climax reminds one of Tamil film Nanda. This particular sequence was also seen in another Kannada film Thaayiya Madilu. Released last year, it featured Puneet`s brother Shivaraj Kumar.

Vamshi, the protagonist, lives with his doting mother. Despite being temperamental, Vamshi joins the police department and finishes his training. He has a very disturbing past of being the son of an underworld gangster.

Vamshi is in love with a bubbly girl called Sharada ... and his mom too likes her.

The hero is all set to face an interview for his posting as a police inspector, but fate wills otherwise.

He is thrown out of his job because of his controversial parentage. And a frustrated Vamshi is forced to his father`s gang, much to his mother`s dislike.

In a tragic twist of events, Vamshi loses his mother and he then goes on a rampage, killing all the gangsters.

Puneet has done a good job and is terrific in action sequences. He also excels in emotional scenes. Veteran actress Lakshmi gives a touching performance as his mother. Nikitha fits into the requirements of the role and Ravi Kale looks convincing as a menacing police chief. while Rajendra Karanth delivers a lively performance, Komal`s comedy sequences also evoke some laughter.

Technically, Vamshi sets some high standards in cinematography. Krishna Kumar has done a neat job behind the camera and the songs are well picturised.

However, Vamshi falls below the huge expectations it had built up. But Puneet`s fans will enjoy the good action and dance sequences of their favourite star.
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