Monday, January 21, 2019

Aakashathinte Niram

Aakashathinte Niram is a Malayalam - movie directed by Dr.Biju. Starring Indrajith,Nedumudi Venu,Amala Paul,Prithviraj,Anoop Chandran,Indrans,Master Govardhan,V. K. Sreeraman,Geetha Salaam,C. J. Kuttappan,Biju John,Shaji Sharma.

Aakashathinte Niram Cast / Crew
PRODUCER:K.Anil Kumar.
CINEMATOGRAPHER: M. J. Radhakrishnan.
MUSIC DIRECTOR:Isaac Thomas Kottukappally.
SINGERS:K. J. Yesudas.

Master Govardhan

V. K. Sreeraman

Geetha Salaam

C. J. Kuttappan

Biju John

Shaji Sharma

Aakashathinte Niram Synopsis

A 60 year old man lives in a lonely island comes to the near by Harbour. In his small motor boat ones in a month, with lots of handicrafts to sell. A young 30 year old burglar notices the old man and one hay he jumps in to old man`s boat and threatens him to handover the money.

The old man remains calm and unexpectedly starts the boat and drives towards the island. The young man trapped into the lonely island. He realizes that no other boat comes to the island other than the old man`s boat. A 7 year old boy, a 20 year old beautiful but deaf and dump lady and a middle aged stammer man are lives in the house along with the old men. The young man compell to live with these peculiar four people in that wooden store house. The mystery begins... The young man sees the rare life situations which he has never seen in his entire life. His thought and concept about the life changed, He now began to realize true meaning of life and how nature blends with the life. Color of sky is color of life, color of wind, color of sea, color of nature and many more

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